Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I was right, I think. Judy’s Magic Cast-On is cousin german to the cat’s-cradle provisional cast-on, which yesterday I found easy-peasy. I have made a bold start on the mitered cardigan, and am half-way around the first corner. I’ll show you tomorrow.

Thank you for that most interesting and helpful comment, Catmum. I immediately ordered “Beyond Toes”, which will have to come from the US because Amazon.co.uk doesn’t have it. [I think it is terribly clever of Amazon to be able to recognise me and factor in international postage wherever I go. I have even ordered occasionally from Amazon.fr, feeling very grown-up.]

And your comment raises another question. I found myself coming over all princess-and-pea yesterday, having to use a metal circular after months of beloved KnitPro cubics (the same as KnitPicks, I’m pretty sure). I have never had a set of interchangeable circulars. What do you think of yours? Do they fall apart? How smooth is the join?

I was all set yesterday to order a single KnitPro circular from Meadow Yarn. I hesitated for the fairly absurd reason that the pattern says I may need a different needle for the st st part, without saying whether it would have to be larger or smaller. I feel very ignorant. I didn’t even know st st and garter st tended to have different stitch gauges. I know about the difference in row gauge, of course.

But if you (and others) are enthusiastic about the set, I’ll solve the problem by going for that. Ravelry isn’t much help although there are user groups for KnitPro/Knit Picks fans, some of whom have the set; that’s an encouraging start. Individual KnitPro circulars boast of the smoothness of the join.

I’m telling this story the wrong way around. I have plunged into the mitered cardigan with a reckless disregard of size and gauge. Glover is very prescriptive – get 6 sts to the inch, or die. Now I discover that there is an entire double-page spread, 102-3, devoted to a much more EZ kind of sizing: X=W times gauge, where W is the width of the garter stitch strip. That sort of thing.

I think I will do some measuring and calculating this morning, just to see what I’ve let myself in for. This is the yarn I used for my husband’s v-neck sleeveless earlier this year. I have not only kept the swatch, but also a note of what size needle I used. I had a little bit forgotten, in all these months of socks, how wonderful madelinetosh is.

Of socks, by the way: kristieinBC has knit arother pair of Longitudinals – gorgeous. I’m going to have to attempt them one day soon.

Internet connectivity has suddenly deserted me. I must go struggle with that problem. If you’re reading this, I must have succeeded.


  1. Knit Picks & Knit Pro needles = exactly the same. I have the interchangeable set and find them very good. You get a little tommy-bar to put through a hole in the shank of the cable and use it to get leverage when tightening the join. In all the use they have had, I have only had them threaten to come undone once, and I could feel the slight sense of uncertainty as the screw came undone, so was able to do up the joint before it let me down. If you like the fixed ones, I would certainly not hesitate to recommend the interchangeables.

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I have tried both Addi clicks and knit pics interchangeables. Personally, I hate them! For me, they often disconnect, even after using the little key to tighten them carefully. I think it must be something about the way I manipulate the needles, as I gave them to a friend who loves them and has never had a problem with them . Good luck!

    I agree with your opinion of the Madelinetosh. My current sweater project is Vitamin D in celadon.....such a lovely, cool color for a light summery sweater. I am trying to finish it in time for a November trip to Australia to see the solar eclipse, so I will get to wear it before next spring.....it won't do here in a New Hampshire winter!

    I'll be watching Theo's handiwork this week.....I expect I'll spend less time yelling at the television. Last week's convention left me furious.

    Barbara M. In NH

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I have a complete set of the Knit Picks interchangeables, in both the wood and the metal (a special gift from my most wonderful husband). They started out being fine needles, but they seem to wear out quickly. Disconnections now occur regularly; points jump out of their sockets; cables somehow acquire barbs on them. Sad to say, I no longer use them at all, for I do not need needle problems in the middle of a project!

    Janet in AL

  4. I have the knit picks set in metal, and they are pretty good. I like the points. I've had a few cables that don't screw in quite perfectly. When I noted it to them, they replaced it for free. I've had them unscrew a bit while using them, but I've never had trouble just giving it a twist and tightening it back up again.

    I'm mostly a lace knitter, and they don't go tiny enough for my tastes, so I do much of my knitting on fixed circulars. Good luck!

  5. I have purchased a few sizes in the knit picks/pro in metal. At first theyy were great, but they began to loosen as I knit, and I would have to tighten them. That may be a factor of hoe one knits. After a bit of use, though, I had the plastic cord pull out of the metal on more than one size. When that cord has a bunch of lace weight sts on it, that can be catastrophic. I haven't used the Addi set. I have the Denise set in plastic and don't care for it. Mostly, I wasn't interested in full sets because I use smaller needles for the most part and the sets don't go under US 5.

  6. Ruth in Ottawa1:58 PM

    I've had the same experience with the KnitPicks interchangeables loosening at the join while knitting - it's interesting to see that I'm not the only one. I now use Addi Turbo Lace needles almost exclusively - the fixed point kind - expensive but worth every penny. I understand the Addi interchangeables don't have the same non-skid finish as the fixed lace versions so I haven't been tempted to try those.

  7. I've gone through lots of needle phases... Addi, ChiaGoo, KnitPicks, Knit Pro Dreams. Currently I love the quality of the Knit Pro Dreamz fixed circulars I have. I have a set of KnitPicks interchangeables...very useful, although I too have had occasional issues with needles coming out of sockets (KP replaces them happily). Mine never unscrew. I use a paper clip to tighten them. I love the fact that you can put dental floss in the little hole for lifelines.
    All in all, I don't think the "perfect" needle has been invented yet.

  8. I have a set of Addi Natura interchangeables. While they were nice for working, I had trouble getting my lace stitches over the joins. I have heard from some of my friends however that the HiyaHiya interchangeable needles are excellent and have a better join. They come in smaller sets so they're not as much of an investment.

  9. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Jean.....please tell Theo that I AM CHEERING this week.... and that I am grateful that he is there.

    Barbara M. in NH