Friday, September 28, 2012

I don’t reeely worry when I lose a follower, and I am grateful for your words of comfort. But as you say, Kristie, it’s a bit deflating. Google Analytics puts readership at about 300, and fairly steady.

And, Shandy, yes, isn’t it exciting? But why have you got your ticket to Franklin’s class only now? I had a receipt at once, and a hand-written note about class times and needle sizes. You signed up before I did. Or maybe I have an actual ticket still to come.

Perhaps we should type Loop’s postcode into Google Maps and walk about the virtual streets looking for a pub. I feel sure there will be something close by. We’ll have an hour and a half before the afternoon class.

Otherwise, no news. I will probably reach the underarm of the jacket today. I have pretty well concluded that I will have to knit up stitches from the bottom edge of the top border, before attempting to graft it to the st st fill-in I am currently working on. 

I wound the antepenultimate skein yesterday and found no breaks. But experience with earlier skeins has shewn that frayed bits may yet turn up in the knitting. Usually a row or two below the point one has actually reached. [My blogging practice is to compose in Microsoft Word, save the result, and then paste it into Blogger. Word let me through with "antepenultimate", but Blogger has queried it. Neither likes "shewn".]

I didn’t move any forrad’er with the yarn for Ed’s Gardening Sweater yesterday.


A funny thing happened.

I had an automatic phone call yesterday purporting to be from the Bank of Scotland. The voice was utterly plausible. She asked if I were trying to set up a payment from my internet account. Press 9 if not. I pressed 9. She said they would freeze the account and be in touch within 24 hours. That sounded sensible.

I have heard no more. But then, the 24 hours haven’t quite expired yet. I logged on to the account last night. It looks fine – the money is there. The date-of-last-log-in was well in the past. If anyone was meddling yesterday, they did it without logging in. There was no sign of the account’s being frozen, although I didn’t actually try to do anything so maybe it was.

This is not the account (or the bank) from which our day-to-day living is conducted. But the money is no less precious for that reason. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I would give the bank a call today. I'm totally paranoid about random calls from people purporting to be my bank.

    Beverly from NJ

  2. skeindalous4:34 PM

    I read your blog every day, and feel deprived when there is no new post. But I am not a 'follower'. Not clear on how that works so simply go to the blog address for my news from Edinburgh!

  3. Anonymous11:10 PM

    I'm a regular reader, too, but not an official follower. I wonder how many
    "ghost" readers you have?

    I enjoy reading about your life, family, and knitting.


  4. Anonymous12:24 AM

    As another regular 'ghost' reader, I do miss the posts when you make your excursions. I am coming out of hiding over concern about this automated call.

    The best advice I received about such things was NEVER to respond in any way. Just note the details and hang up. Then YOU call your bank using the proper phone number. If it is a genuine call, they will understand your caution.

    Hope the mystery is resolved soon


  5. PLEASE call your bank and check and report that phone call. That is a prank call... there are NUMEROUS scams set up. Your bank would NEVER have an automated phone call like that without some kind of confirmation about your account etc.