Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He did it. Thank you for your comment, Mary Lou.

He made his first splash at Wimbledon five or six years ago, the summer of my cataract operations. That time, he got through to the first Saturday, the day when sixteen men play for the last eight places. My first operation was that day, and they got me back upstairs at the point where Murray had won the first two sets. I couldn’t see – indeed, I remember wondering whether I ever would again – but I could lie there and listen while he lost the next three.

It sort of established a bond between us.

I don’t think that has ever happened to him again. (It is only in the four “Grand Slam” tournaments that they play five-set matches.) I didn’t hear the commentators refer to it last night. But I bet it flickered across his own mind, as he lost the third set and then the fourth.

We took the radio to bed with us. I’m glad I was “there”. It was a most satisfyingly real victory, with Djokovic giving it everything he had.


Thank you for your comments on the mitered cardigan. I am now nearly finished with the second double-mitre. Pic tomorrow.

I had thought of i-cord buttonholes. I did them on Round the Bend. But I wondered if it would disturb the geometry not to pull the whole thing forward for the overlap. Your comment, Hat, about actually disliking that look, has, I think, given me the courage to leave the buttonholes out. Indeed, I find myself wondering this morning if I haven’t already gone a bit past the place for the first one.

I don’t see why it should be incongruous to raise the back an inch anyway.

So that’s a decision.

The third skein turned out like the other two – two moth-damage breaks, a third where the yarn was frayed and I cut it, and a knot. Knots have exactly the same effect as moths, but I don’t mind them so much. They’re not my fault. So, again, I’ve got two balls for knitting with, and three tiddlers for my tiddler collection.

Loop (where Franklin will teach) stocks madelinetosh sock yarn. I bought the yarn for my Japanese shirt from them – that’s why I got the email about Franklin’s classes. Does anyone have experience of knitting socks with it? I’m wary, because it’s pure wool. Nobody can make sock yarn like those 25%-acrylic Germans. But I will want to buy some souvenir yarn on November 18, and that would be a pleasant possibility.

Thanks for your help on Craftsy, too. I have looked at their complete knitting list. If I ever do decide to take the plunge, it will be Myra Wood’s Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan. (Ravelry link) I don’t particularly want a crazy lace cardigan, but I’m curious. What is crazy lace?

While researching that question on Ravelry just now, I found THIS free download. (another Ravelry link). Isn’t it wonderful? Who would like one for Christmas? 


  1. Hmmm the Myra Wood has buttonholes...and buttons...but... if you do decide you need to do it with buttons please do let me send you some wooden ones that my father has made - I still want to repay you for the kilt hose pattern!

  2. =Tamar11:05 AM

    By sheer coincidence, I was looking at that pattern today also. I am glad to see the variations people tried. Some are very much not to my taste, while others are glorious to my eyes. It's also odd to me how much variation there seems to be in the length. It seems to be a waste to knit it in plain yarn, though the lace one was lovely. Maybe black lace would work, for a very sophisticated batwing costume.

  3. Maureen in Fargo1:03 PM

    I've used MadTosh sock yarn for a couple of pairs of socks but haven't given them heavy use, I reserve my "real" (German) sock yarn socks for that...I have lots of them. The MadTosh sock is so pretty and nice to work with that I just love knitting the socks and don't worry too much about how they'll hold up!

    And I thought of you the minute I heard about Murray's win!

  4. skeindalous1:07 PM

    Some souvenir sock yarn would be just the thing for a light small shawl (scarf). Don't hestitate to work the mitered cardigan to your tastes! The pattern is a framework, not a decree!

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I knitted a Wingspan as a present and found it very hard to give away! It was great portable project and gave me a rest from socks for a while. MrsAlex

  6. Wingspan is delightful in long color repeat yarn. Did you see all the pics in the project pages to see which color combos work and which don't?

  7. When I saw the NY Times blurb on my iPod that Murray won, I thought of you and how happy you would be.

  8. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Another vote for Wingspan - I made one in Kaffe Fassett's long-color-change mohair (just one ball, from Rowan) and it was lovely.

    Agree with FiberQat - I love the project pages especially to suss out which color combinations do not appeal to me because of lack of contrast or other color issues. I just HOPE that the knitters like their result, so sad if they went to all that work and then are disappointed. It has happened to me, but I'm getting better at choosing colors - with experience and Ravelry!

    Beverly near Yosemite

  9. Sarah JS4:34 PM

    Congratulations to Mr. Murray and to you for your long support of him. How wonderful.

    One of my knit-night friends is knitting up the wingspan in a lovely soft green. Very different in look from many of the multi-color ones, but still beautiful.

  10. Jean, we were thinking of you as we watched the match (the WHOLE THING) here in Western New York. It was agonizing, exciting, and intensely competitive. So pleased for Mr. Murray!

  11. I agree with you on 100% merino for socks being impractical...I've learned my lesson the hard way there. If I'm putting the work in to knitting socks for anyone, there has to be nylon in the mix!
    Loop also carries Wollmeise... if you haven't tried it yet, this would be the perfect opportunity to pick up a skein. There is both 100% and 80/20...the colors and the yardage are awesome, and it knits up beautifully into wonderful fabric.

  12. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I've just completed two Wingspan scarves. It's a great [attern to knit, and is ideal for car journeys/waiting rooms etc. It's lovely when completed. Mine are supposedly to give as Christmas presents, but I've a sneaky feeling one will find it's way into my scarf drawer.
    Liz Phillips