Saturday, August 31, 2013

We sort of got back in the saddle, yesterday.

Comments & Miscellany

Caitlin and Laura, that is a simply brilliant trick – Ctrl Z to undo the last keystroke. I would never have stumbled upon it, but for you. It is certainly the first thing I will try the next time my husband calls me in to show me a blank screen. On the whole, he’s doing better these days – at least, he calls me in less often.

I wound up yesterday printing out the application form for the electoral register. It has to be signed and sent in on paper. I’ll post it off to Archie today. It will be obvious to the meanest intelligence, given his age and his address, that he is a schoolboy applying from his address at boarding school. If they don’t like that, they can turn him down. At least we’ve tried.

Lesley, I fully meant to go to that Fringe show about the Sweater Curse. I’m glad you were there.

Roobeedoo, I was slightly surprised that the Word spell-check let “dishy” through yesterday! I like your Staccato jacket. Which sort of brings me back to yesterday and the Milano (link provided yesterday).

And I agree, Mary, that 20 inches of ease sounds really rather excessive. When I’ve got Relax2 off the needles – won’t be long, now – I’ll try to calculate how much ease it actually has. What would Herzog say?

I think I have mentioned here before, that thinking about the Next Thing is one of the pleasures of finishing, for me. This time, the situation is a bit different. There is a Constraining Factor which I will tell you about soon. There is Kate Davies’ “Rams and Yowes” blankie which I intend to knit, but not until I have bought the yarns over the counter in Lerwick. But I may be ready for the Next Thing as early as next week. (There are always socks.)

I am well along with the second sleeve of Relax2. Might even finish today. That leaves the neck edging -- and tidying and blocking, of course.

I’m afraid I ordered the Milano kit.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Dishy? That has no implications in American English, so spell check had no problem. In fact, it is the name Knit Picks chose for its cotton yarn (frequently used for knitting dish cloths). Me? I haven't a clue, but can tell I should. :-)

  2. I think Dishy had the same use in the US, but in the 50s, we used to laugh when my friends dad used it.

  3. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Hooray!! for ordering the Milano kit :)

    Well done!