Thursday, January 02, 2014

A whole day gone, from this new and interesting year, and what have we accomplished?

I spent much of it thinking about the Unst Shawl – the impossibility of, but also the how-to's. The pattern is written to be knitted from the centre out. It never actually mentions how many stitches there are at the top of the borders, which is where I will first encounter them. You have to count from the chart. I've now done that, and reconciled the result more or less with the fifty points each edge will have. Fifty – making 200, altogether, for the circuit. This is ridiculous.

Here's where I am so far, just over halfway on the first side. I can't figure out how to crop, still less to save-with-fewer-pixels, but at least I can produce a picture, and rotate it if necessary. I can't find my copy of “Windows 8 for Dummies” which might (or might not) touch on these problems.

Sorry -- can't seem to get this morning's picture out of the camera. That's a picture of my Chinese mink yarn, as a consolation.

I also wondered, as I thought about things yesterday, whether it's going to be all right to knit the border from the outer edge inwards without change? That's not always appropriate, with lace. I'm inclined to think I'll just do it anyway, and rely on those galloping horses.

The edging pattern is a four-row repeat over ten stitches, on the right, and 12-row diamonds on the left, forming the points. They are separated by a column of faggotting. I love faggotting, and it serves the useful purpose, here, of isolating any mistake – and there are lots of mistakes – on one side or the other.

Do other lace knitters share my tendency to feel just a tiny bit more cheerful and energetic during the increase rows of a scalloped edging?

I've now mastered the pattern, and also learned how the four-row repeat marches with the 12-row one. This is where the really bad mistakes become possible, as the mind wanders and one suddenly looks at the work and tries to remember where on earth one is.

Here are the hoped-for pictures of Lizzie with the Sensible Christmas Project, a Kansas University beanie. It looks like a reasonable fit. The Silly Christmas Project has begun its journey to Beijing.


I watched the BBC's “The Thirteenth Tale” the other evening without much profit – was that because I wasn't paying close enough attention (due to the Unst Shawl edging)? Or because it was a bit turgid and unsatisfactory? I suspect the latter. I bought the book yesterday for my Kindle and am reading it with much pleasure. 


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Love Lizzie's hat! She looks very pleased with it, too.

    Beverly in about-to-be snowy NJ

  2. I read that book a number of years ago and enjoyed it. I have no recollection of it other than that, however. I just finished "Norwegian by Night" which I highly recommend.

  3. Happpy New Year, Jean! I haven't commented often because my iPhone won't let me, so here I am at the big computer.
    Lizzie's hat is wonderful - she looks very happy in it.
    I have been inspired by you and Nancy Bush to start a shawl for the new year. It will primarily be Shetland, but there may be some nups in the center panel…I just took a class from her, and I love some of the nup patterns. I'll probably work the center on the diagonal so that it will look straight when worn.
    I am early in the design process, so my next step will be to order yarn. I have decided against spinning my own - I am no longer young (G). I don't mind purling, so I'll work from the center out.
    I have gotten hooked on Kate Atkinson's books, and am enjoying reading them all. I have found her first book the most difficult to get into, but rewarding none the less.

  4. re getting the photo to the computer
    does your new computer have a slot for a memory card? if so you should be able to take the memory card out of the camera and put it in the slot and a window should pop up and let you copy the photos to the computer.

    on the other hand, most digital cameras come with a cable that you can plug into the usb port to copy the files.
    again there should be a popup that asks if you want to open or copy the files.

    also (to further muddy the waters) most cameras have software that you can load that will also help you copy over the photos.

    holler if i can be of assistance! sogalitno at gmail

  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Welcome back, Jean, and a most Blessed New year to you and yours. Wonderful to catch up on your news. The KU beanie is delightful and the colors are perfect. [You may recall my mentioning that I was a student there.] The Unst bridal shawl is a lovely pattern and I wish you well regarding it. Take care - Joe-in Wyoming

  6. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Best wishes for 2014! Here's to health and happiness!
    I am really looking forward to seeing your progress on the Unst Shawl.