Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yesterday evening a friend phoned to say that another friend had just left a bag on our doorstep. It contained:

You will have to forgive winter morning photography.

I am overcome at the kindness involved. We will lunch on quails' eggs with a tomato salad and a baguette, very Nigella. The cider is half-consumed already. I went down to the big Tesco's on Broughton Road again yesterday – they still don't have it (or quails's eggs).

Have I ever done anything half so nice for anyone in my life?


My husband was distinctly better yesterday, so I didn't phone the dr. When I asked him how he was, he replied in terms of other ailments rather than his swollen jaw. His right hand is swollen and stiff with rheumatism (or something) – we have had appointments and prescriptions related to that, and more are scheduled. It is painful and, of course, extremely inconvenient, but there is nothing to be done at the moment. Today is the last for the current course of antibiotics.

I did, however, phone the Royal Infirmary and ask for today's routine diabetic appt to be rescheduled. Blood sugars are under control, his eyes have recently been tested for diabetic retinopathy (they passed), the local podiatry service pays close attention to his feet. The Infirmary can wait. Getting there is a hard day's work. I feel as if I have been given an extra day of life.

My own symptom, a near-constant slight feeling of nausea, persists. That will be next week's problem, once I get the income tax filed. I had a very good session with it yesterday and feel hopeful.


I've done 49 scallops, so today should see me around the second corner – 50 scallops per side – of the Unst Bridal Shawl edging. It went badly yesterday, with confusion and rippings-out. I found myself at one point with an undersized lozenge, as if – it happens – I had omitted the middle four rows of the 12-row pattern. Everything has been successfully recovered. Bring on the galloping horses.

From the internet: Glasgow wants knitted microbes, and is providing patterns. Fun, if you like that sort of thing, They should get lots.


  1. So nice to read of such kindness.

    Glad that your husband is improving. May your turn at that arrive soon!

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Will the visiting doctor come back at the end of the antibiotics to check your husband?
    I love the idea of the recuperation gift delivery! Those tulips are very cheering indeed.

  3. What a lovely thing to do :-)

    My sister finds ginger things help with nausea, gingernuts, ginger tea (a piece or two of fresh ginger in hot water) etc. One of my friends also said that flat coca-cola helps with nausea, sounds a bit counter-intuitive. Enjoy your cider.

    Look after yourselves and don't be afraid to call the dr if you need to, will keep praying xxx

  4. I was so glad someone gave you the wonderful gift. Many of us wish we were close enough to do kindnesses for you.

  5. What an inspiring gift. The internet is so vast, yet such a neighborhood in some ways. Sometime I will find some of that cider and taste it and think of it as a gift.

  6. Hester from Atlanta3:16 PM

    Hope you all are feeling better soon. Note: the syrup for Coca-Colas was once sold in little bottles as a stomach smoother. I remember it from when I was a child. I haven't tried a flat Coke as yet, but it may be on the same principle. Initially Coke was made with herbs, sarsaparilla being one of them. Who knows what it is made with today.

    Enjoy your blog every day! Best - Hester from Atlanta

  7. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Maybe you're pregnant! : )

  8. =Tamar9:35 PM

    I have seen a tiny bottle of Coca-Cola syrup for digestive issues offered in some drugstore somewhere just within the last month. Ginger helps me. However, I feel it would be remiss of me to neglect to mention that nausea is one of the "female" heart symptoms. On the other hand, I get it a lot myself and have since childhood; in my case I think it's anxiety. When the doctor comes, maybe you should mention it and discuss stress relief for yourself.