Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm glad to hear you're not all receiving this with key words double-underlined to lead to you junk ads. I have “reset” Google Chrome again. We shall see. Why can't McAfee deal with this? One of the worst sites for ads is, for me.

Eleven scallops done, of the fifty on the final side of the Unst Bridal Shawl edging. Needles not ordered – I must seriously try to get that done today. Yesterday was Polish-cleaning-woman day. She arrives at 7:20 a.m. and works like a fiend for two hours, leaving us much cleaner and more ironed, but me as shattered as if I had done it all myself.

This is the first day of the week with Wednesday in it. What can I tell you without giving the show away? The scene of action is NYC. My sister and her husband are key players. They are nobly going down from CT on Tuesday. The original plan had been a 5 a.m. start for them on Wednesday morning, but when we added the Fear of Snow to the equation it was more than we could bear. Alexander and Ketki come into the story. Ketki will be in NYC in a fortnight (she travels a fair amount for work) and may then become a key player herself. My husband is giving orders from the wings.

There – I don't think I've told you too much. King Midas has asses' ears; I can assure you of that.

I found this YouTube sequence on Facebook this morning. It's rather sweet, although totally unfair to cats.


  1. Every time you say that about King Midas I am reminded of an illustration in a book of fables I had as a child. Whatever it is (art-related?) it will be fun to find out. Now go buy those needles! I'm currently in a needle conundrum myself.

  2. skeindalous4:18 PM

    Do not hesitate to order your new needles! You know how slow the mails can be, and you would indeed be vexed if they were not on hand when you wanted them. Beautiful needles are as important as beautiful fiber.......almost!

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Sounds like you have an unwanted browser extension (Chrome does them without asking) -- try this: open up chrome then on the right most side on the top (right under the x) there is a symbol like an equal sign but 3 lines - click on that, then chose settings, then chose extensions and delete any you find unless you added them for some reason