Sunday, January 12, 2014

My husband is still not well. Dozy, poor of appetite, highish of blood sugar. I'll have to get back to doctors tomorrow. And I don't feel entirely sprightly myself. I am devoted to William of Ockham, who has solved many a problem for me with his principle of trying the simplest explanation first. In this case, it would be that my husband and I are ill-ish from the same cause. But I don't think it's true, and my jaw isn't swollen.

I had considered dropping the blog for a awhile – medical bulletins from the geriatric ward are not what you look for when you open a knitting and general-life blog. But then my sister's husband sent me this, this morning:

and then came your comment, Tamar.

You may have learned that trick here, for Googling a specific blog, but it was because someone else, whose name I have ungratefully forgotten, had proposed it. This time, it goes straight into Evernote, and I will soon check out your suggestions for tracking down the particular post I want of Franklin's. Thank you.

So I'll go on for a while.

Knitting proceeded yesterday, amidst the general gloom. I earned my next percentage point. And a friend in CT sent me a picture I can't figure out how to post, of her yarn at Stitches East. The second time I went to Camp Stitches on Lake George (oh! Happy memory) I needed to get from there to the mouth of the CT River to visit my sister and my mother. Much on-line struggle with timetables seemed to indicate that it was easy enough to travel up and down the great river valleys, the Hudson and the Connecticut, but not at all easy to get from one to the other.

So I advertised on the Knitlist for a lift, and J. responded. She lives almost within walking distance of my sister. We had a lovely day's drive – we stopped at Webs! I've seen her only once since, when she and her husband, another delectable J., came to supper at my sister's house and I cooked them a chilli which was embarrassingly lacking in heat.

But we've kept in touch. She is now dyeing her own yarn, in a small way.  It looks sort of like Candace Strick's “Merging Colors” line, which I have always admired (but never knit). J. is working on an on-line sales site, and I will keep you posted.


Skeindalous, I was grateful for your reference yesterday to the Feral Knitter, writing about books. That website led to And there I am tempted by the one which goes simply: Read that book. In my case, it would be Hilary Mantel's Booker prize winners. I've read a lot of Mantel, including her French Revolution one, “A Place of Greater Safety”. Why am I afraid of the Booker books?


  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, Jean, and would miss it if you stopped writing - whatever the content!
    I do hope you and your husband feel better soon.
    Carol in Stratford-upon-Avon

  2. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Agree with Carol totally! Please don't stop!

    Beverly in NJ

  3. Oh yes, please do carry on with this delightful blog...prayers to heaven for you and your husband becoming healthy...I too would miss your wonderful attitudes...Diane in CT

  4. Ruth in Ontario, Canada2:12 PM

    I'm with Carol, above -- I enjoy your blog immensely, Jean, whatever you have to tell us on any given day. My morning would not be the same without you! Please stay with us!

  5. I rarely comment but your blog is my first read each morning. Please continue your blog.

  6. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I hope the medical teams can determine the cause on Monday and that you both feel better very soon.
    I was hoping the strong antibiotics would kick in and have an effect within 24 hours.
    The Unst shawl sounds so interesting. Please do keep us updated on its construction and anything else you care to share with your readers.

  7. Hoping tomorrow brings good news. And I really enjoyed the Mantel Booker books. On kindle, since they are enormous. I have never read any others, so off to check out A Place of Greater Safety. Perhaps the year I spent studying the French Revolution will not have been totally wasted. If I remember any of it, of course.

  8. Jean, we are all good friends and, as such, are concerned about your (both your and your husband's) health and well being. Don't consider not blogging on that account! Of course, if it gets to be too overwhelming don't feel you need to blog either.

    The high blood sugars are a direct result of his infection, as are the other symptoms. By all means contact the doctor tomorrow as he should be starting to improve if the antibiotics are working. As we get older we are slower to mend, of course, but I think the doc will want to know if there is no improvement yet. It never ceases to amaze me that docs in the UK still make house calls....

  9. If all you have time for is a health update please do so. I read your blog everyday but this morning I looked at it first thing to see if there was any news of your husband's health

  10. Oh dear, I would be so sad to lose your blog. The knitting of course is wonderful and thought provoking, the gardening is delightful...but don't ever think that health problems are not of concern to us. I too check to see how Hubby, you and family are doing. My sister had a saliva stone blocking her saliva gland and it sounds very similar to what your husband is going though. Hope it clears soon. Many prayers heading your way for you both.

  11. Ditto to all of the above. Check weather online first every morning then directly to your blog, would miss it much, so please try and keep us updated on whatever you choose to write about.

  12. Dear Jean
    Adding my voice to the plea to keep us informed! You are never boring even when short of time or news.
    Regarding the tip on how to search within a blog, do remember to put a full stop after the colon i.e. "site:."
    Healing thoughts for you and hubby.
    Dawn in NL

  13. Adding to what the others have said - I would be ever so sad if you stopped blogging permanently. If you feel you need a break that's totally understandable, but please know you would be sorely missed while you were away. I'm every bit as interested in your health as your knitting. I think you have no idea just how much your readers care about you!

    One thing about the powerful antibiotics your husband is taking. They might be contributing to his feeling unwell. When my dad was taking them for six weeks for a blood infection they made him quite ill. I hope you both are feeling better soon. Hugs to you!

  14. Ellen5:32 PM

    Every morning right after breakfast, I check to see how you are doing. I hope you don't stop.
    Wolf Hall far surpasses anything else Hillary Mantel has written. It succeeds at what she attempted to do in A Place Of Greater Safety, but couldn't quite pull together. I read it in the deep midwinter months of Minnesota winter, and nearly stopped my life to keep reading, reading, reading. Booker choices often disappoint me, so I understand your hesitation, but do get over that hurdle and take it up.
    And call the doctor first thing!

  15. Loved that placard re hawkers. Your husband being unwell will have increased the strain on you, and you already seem to keep the show on the road when things are normal. No wonder you feel unwell.
    By the way, have you seen the Milano as knitted by Kate Davies?

  16. I'm going to add my voice to those saying please don't go away unless you need to or don't have the energy. The worry and extra looking after you are doing might be contributing to you not feeling wonderful? I'd miss you

  17. =Tamar11:11 PM

    If you need a break, do what you need, but we do care and want to know what's happening. A sudden silence from someone who blogs as reliably as you do would be frightening in itself. Also, I'm told that there are benefits to continuing communications outside of a situation even when it's strictly over the net.
    Antibiotics will disturb the normal digestive flora, and that in itself will cause other disturbances. Possibly some sort of probiotic supplement might help, I don't know.
    By the way, regarding the site search method, I have tried both ways - with and without the full stop - and found no difference. Perhaps it's because I'm using a Linux system.

  18. I can only repeat the comments above. You would be sorely missed in this establishment no matter your choice of topic. When it becomes more of a burden than it is worth to you, an adieu would be understood. Until then, please keep up the good fight!

  19. Like everyone else, I simply want to hear from you on any topic. Hope your husband recovers quickly. Even a cold will raise my blood sugar levels.
    Ron in Mexico

  20. Maybe take a look at August 5th 2008? That seems to be the most recent post tagged as 'wedding ring shawl', and he talks about having problems knitting with the cobweb yarn..

    hope your husband is feeling better soon...and that you feel up to continuing your ongoing chat with us all..

    Lynne in Maryland