Monday, January 27, 2014

Another short-and- boring, I'm afraid. 15 scallops done on the fourth side -- and I ordered the needles! Thanks for yesterday's nudges in that direction, Mary Lou and Skeindalous. Meadow Yarn is wonderfully prompt, and I asked for 1st class delivery. The needles will be here any moment, And so should the yarn be – it didn't turn up on Saturday as hoped. But I've got months and months before I'll need it – I can afford to play games with the Post Office on that one.

Today's event is an appt for my husband at the Respiratory Dept of the Royal Infirmary, rather resented in the circumstances. They can't do anything for him, we're all pretty sure of that. (His oxygen saturations are surprisingly high, given how breathless he is.) It's a day's work, getting started in time, fitting in meals so that he doesn't go hypoglycaemic on them, getting there, parking, waiting, driving back again. We have been warned that they're mucking about with the parking lots at the Infirmary so there's something to worry about.

There are better potential uses for the time and energy which will have to be expended on all that.

On the other hand, Making an Effort is often beneficial. I felt ill enough yesterday that I hoped my husband would say he wasn't up to going to Mass. But he didn't, although I went on hoping virtually until the moment we walked out the door. We got there, and were rewarded with a sermon-less service. The priest had a cold, and didn't trust his voice. Hachem must have planned that bonus for us from the foundation of the universe.

Anyway, today. What about knitting? There will be waiting time, assuming I am able to park and join my husband in the respiratory dept. The Pakokku sock? Or roll the edging up and secure it with a rubber band and take it along?

 Wednesday is day-after-tomorrow.  


  1. Am I the only one on tenterhooks waiting for Wednesday?

  2. the sock! don't risk anything happening to the edging!

  3. I'm waiting for Wednesday too! And I want to see if I can figure out the clues once I know what "it" is.

    And I vote sock too. Just to be on the safe side.

  4. Gerri2:03 PM

    I hope that the next time you feel so ill you really would prefer to skip Mass, you do so. The best would be that you feel much better soon.

    BTW, I think it is just great that you jumped into the project of the Bridal Shawl. What lucky granddaughters you have!

  5. =Tamar3:23 PM

    The sock! Never take anything delicate and non-bleachable to a hospital! There are horror stories of interested strangers spilling their liquid medication on people's projects.