Saturday, January 11, 2014

I guess I'd say that my husband is no better and no worse. Mary G, I will certainly try getting him to suck on a lemon. The nice dr rang up yesterday – he is referring us to a hospital to determine whether the difficulty is caused by a stone – presumably analogous to a kidney stone or gall stone. I think the antibiotic is a fairly hefty one, and will of itself make him feel somewhat subdued.

Meanwhile his publisher is (at last) zooming in on the Magnum Opus. The cloud certainly simplifies things, but it's all rather stressful as well, especially as my husband isn't well enough at the moment to speak to the publisher himself, and I'm bound to get it wrong.

And I must get back to the tax today, after all this excitement.


Tamar, you know everything.

May, 2008 must be very close to the post of Franklin's which I am remembering – a little tangled heap of yarn with a caption something like, It'll be fine when it's blocked. (He's knitting Miller's “Wedding Ring Shawl” in May, 2008 – I don't think he ever finished it.) In the post you mention, he says he is abandoning the red yarn he started with and has ordered something finer from Sharon Miller. But then it arrives (July 2008) and he gets on fine with it.

Maybe I want the moment when he was swatching for the shawl he knit his niece. He did finish that one, and I contributed one of the Latin words around the perimeter.

Meanwhile, as Sue says, we have had the first Panopticon of 2014 and it's very funny.

I got a bit more edging done yesterday, the happier for having abandoned my seven-scallops-a-day target. I should earn myself another percentage point today. I like the scarf Franklin has done for the Dreaming of Shetland e-book. I approve of the cause (research into Shetland sheep) and will probably buy the book, but I wish it were on paper. I don't like e-books when it comes to knitting.

For his scarf, Franklin has abandoned the tedious centre of the scarf and simply mirrored the edging.

My edging is small enough and light enough and portable enough that I'll be able to take it along to hospital appts, of which we have a good sprinkling this month.  

My sister rightly grumbles that we have been short of pictures lately. I'll try to do better, but don't feel strong enough this morning,


  1. skeindalous1:31 PM

    Have you seen Janine Bajus' post of this week (FeralKnitter)? She has a great word, Tsundoku, for the piles of printed books many of us have everywhere. Some of my book club friends insist the answer to this problem is to go electronic. But I agree that knitting books should be on paper! One cannot fondle and sigh over a Kindle/Nook in quite as satisfying a manner. Or get the big picture and so easily flip back, cross-check, and such.

  2. I'm with you on the knitting books. I like paper. But I really enjoy the kindle for novels. I just finished an excellent Agatha Christie from, I think, the sixties. Endless Night. Someone steered me to it and I was very surprised by the ending. That may say more about me, but still, a fun read.

  3. =Tamar2:20 AM

    It may have been you who told me how to use Google to search a particular site. Anyway, you type your search words and then "site:" followed by the URL of the website. Here are some possibilities:
    Feb 7, 2007 title: Slow Down, Baby
    description of swatching about two dozen times
    There are many shawl-related posts in 2007.

    May 15, 2007 Cross Your Legs and Wait
    photo caption is From the menu fixe at
    Ye Sygne of Ye Boyled Asse

    July 19, 2007 I Shall Never Grow Tired of This
    shawl before and after blocking.

    July 22, 2007 Four Wishes for Abigail
    completed shawl in great detail.