Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Again, little to report.

I've done 43 scallops (out of 50) on the third side of the Unst Bridal Shawl edging – another percentage point, and the final corner is in sight.

Once I'm past it, I'll order those needles – a 24” one certainly, for the centre. And I think two longer ones would be a good idea – because at the end, I plan to pick up the stitches from the flat edge of the edging, and perhaps even knit around once or twice, marking the corners, so that I'm sure I have exactly as many stitches as on the border itself, before I start attaching. I totally agree with your principle, Mary Lou – “order them all, what the heck”.

The first ball of yarn finally expired, in the middle of scallop 36. I find that I bought four, that day in Lerwick – what on earth was I thinking? It'll be quite a while before I need to order any more. The other three are clearly marked “25gr”. Something must have gone wrong with the printing of the first one. It's nice, just at the moment, to have those ends hanging there showing how much distance I added last night.


Hellie (who will one day wear the Unst Bridal Shawl, I hope) is running in the Paris Marathon to raise money for Children with Cancer. I don't know why Paris, or why that charity. Here's the link to her donation page. It's all very organised these days.

Her Aunt Helen – that's Greek Helen, my daughter – posted this on Facebook. It's funny.

Ellen, I loved your comment yesterday about the making of A Serious Man. I don't remember, my first time through, that I even noticed it was set in the recent past. This time, the clunky telephones cried out for attention. An interesting essay could be written about Telephones in Movies. Remember Gekko with that brick-sized mobile in (was it called?) Wall Street? And how could you do Assault on Precinct 13 these days? (I know it's been remade – something about not getting a signal. It was better the first time.)

Sort of expanding on your idea, Kate – the prologue establishes that the supernatural is involved, which you might not suspect from the rest of the movie. And announces that the point of view is going to be seriously Jewish.


  1. Helen's link is right on. I loved the l expression 'sort yourself out'. It seems so British.
    Wouldn't it be better to order the rest of your yarn so it comes from the same run? This years clip may be a different color based on different sheep in the mix. Just a thought.

  2. Ellen9:16 PM

    Actually I'm still waiting for Dick Tracy's 2-way Wrist Radio to reappear in a new 21st century form (not to date myself or anything)!

  3. The grocery store in that movie is my neighborhood grocery store, small, aging, family owned. As Ellen said, I bumped into filming all around town. It was fun to see, and I did enjoy the movie. As far as ordering that much yarn, perhaps it was prescience. And maybe a good idea to get more yarn sooner rather than later, in case it gets discontinued?