Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Alas, the day has escaped my hands already.

De-stashing: I have no intention of depriving the LYS's of the world of my custom. The idea will be to make more space. And there are whole categories of yarn that can go: I used to like hand-painted lace yarns. Now, if I ever get back to lace, it will be to Jamieson & Smith's Heirloom stuff, whatever it's called, in white. Another bridal veil.

That decision eliminates a whole bin-ful of yarn, I fear.

What about all the Shetland yarn? That could be culled, at least.

I'll keep you posted. I think my natural tendency is to buy perhaps 2 1/2 times what I could actually ever possibly knit -- and the most recent purchases are always the most attractive.

Yesterday I knit on, on the Dunfallandy triangle. Five rows -- five long, complicated rows -- to go on this one. I was afraid at one point that I would get bogged down in eight triangles, but I think not. It's fascinating work. It doesn't get any faster, but it does get a bit easier. I should be able to finish the patterned bits before Xmas. That leaves Jan and Feb for assembly and the border.


I caught up with Foggy Knitter's blog this morning -- for link, see sidebar. I wish she blogged more often. And there's another Christmas present -- I used to love "Daddy Long-Legs" 65 years ago (or so) and will certainly hope to pass that delight to another generation.


    Try and watch this if you get a minute. It's hilarious!

    1. Oh this was delightful! Hope nobody minds that I posted a link on my FB wall...that's "signal boost," right?

    2. I am still laughing....thanks for the link!

    3. wasn't it fun? sorry for hijacking your post Jean.

  2. Oh, Daddy Long Legs! I haven't read it in years but loved it, and am sure that somewhere I still have the copy my 10-year old self was given. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I could visualize the cover of the book before I clicked over to Foggy Knitter. I may have to read it again, all these years later. I posted a picture yesterday of a shetland design from who knows when that I stumbled across in my cleaning. I'm hanging onto my Shetland for now.

  4. Daddy Long Legs has entered the public domain in the US and is available at Project Gutenberg in print versions, and at Librivox, beautifully read aloud for you:
    And the sequel is Dear Enemy.
    They are truly delightful.

  5. I also loved Daddy Long Legs when I read it. And Girl of the Limberlost. I actually still have copies of both!