Monday, February 29, 2016

Little to report. The Knitcircus sock is good fun – but I’m knitting it for a small-footed granddaughter, and it belatedly occurs to me to worry about whether I will finish the sock before the yarn has finished doing its stuff. A picture tomorrow would be a good idea. I should be at or near the heel by then.

At home, I got nothing done at all. My husband always grumbles when I leave him – he gets about 2 ½ hours a day of me – but I come home wrung out, after 2 ½ hours of just sitting there knitting.

I did manage to engage with the question of small-shawls-for-Lucy-and-Cathy.  Evelyn Clark’s “Wildflower Lace” is indeed a good one, Anonymous. And Mary Lou has given me two of hers, The Bidwell Shawl and “Neap Tide”. I’ve downloaded, and there I got stuck. The printer is “off line”, it says. I need it for those patterns, and for printing out my admission tickets for the Edinburgh Yarn Fest (if I can find them).

Super Tuesday tomorrow.


  1. Wrung out by the travel and the grumbling, no doubt. Sorry about the printer trouble. Plugging and unplugging, on and off the whole set up? That works for me sometimes. Where is Archie when you need him!

  2. Both the Wildfower shawl and the Neap Tide are beautiful. The Bidwell shawl, however, really speaks to me. I may need to knit that one myself. I have some beautiful bison down in brown and purple. I will have to see how much I have....