Monday, February 20, 2017

Even less, tonight.

I don’t know what to do about the cat and lap-sitting. It is the sort of behaviour we have long wanted to encourage in her, but it does eat seriously into knitting time. Can I persuade her to sit on my husband’s lap? He’d like that. But I’m afraid she’s my cat.

I did at least finish the tenth repeat of the centre pattern of Mrs Hunter’s shawl – and found that there were only 39 stitches on that side, instead of the required 41. I have left one row unattached, and when I finish the eleventh repeat I will count again, on both sides.

Isabella, I was interested in your comment, not yesterday but the day before, about how the organizers of EYF are not looking for more space. It makes sense, when I think about it seriously. I, at least, couldn’t have handled more exhibitors last year. I didn’t really get around the whole thing (and I am weaker now). More space might have been welcome, for breathing, but not more buyers. Many exhibitors are single-handed; two people per stall was pretty well the maximum. A substantial increase in buyer-numbers might have overwhelmed them and slowed us all down.

We’ll see how it goes this year.


Here’s a link to an article about l’Escargot Bleu and those pigs I mentioned yesterday. I looked at the menu outside the restaurant today – no mention of Mangalista pork. I could go inside and ask – one of the restaurant’s many charms is that it is not oppressively fancy -schmancy.

My husband has been here at home for three whole months now.


  1. Congratulations Jean. I know you extol the virtues of the carers and I am sure they are quite wonderful. Without your desire (insistence) that your husband remain at home, I am pretty certain he would not be at home with you but in some kind of care facility. I think it is fabulous that you have insisted on having him at home and at the same time realize that you couldn't handle it alone. Keep up the good work - for both of you!

  2. It's amazing that your husband can be at home and that the caregivers are working out so well.
    Our cat makes knitting hard, too. Socks are fine, but he loves the organdy bag one of my shawl projects lives in. He bites it.

  3. I have a big chair and have persuaded my cats to sit next to me instead of on my lap while I knit. It works pretty well as long as only one of them is with me; when both of them try (one on the seat and one on the arm) I pretty much can't knit. Works better with socks than afghans, too. But, who can say no to a cat? Not me. I understand that today is supposed to be Love Your Pet Day, so just cuddle with your cat and don't worry about knitting!

  4. I knit in a high back chair. I have draped a towel over the back and have convince my cat to lie down on the back next to my head. I love him but he does interfere with knitting.

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  6. Of our four cats, just one likes to lap sit and the minute I sit and pick up my knitting she's there! She only has three legs so I always feel I have to do as she wants me to do so I do!
    It's easier with something small as a sock, but impossible with anything much bigger.
    If you find an answer to this problem, please let me know!
    Jenny xo

  7. none of my cats were lap sitters but instead snuggle next to me or at the top of the sofa by my head. Last year I purchased two beds meant for small dogs but nice and comfy and perfect size for the cats. The biggest hit ever. I Live in a vey wee apartment and have a love seat sized sofa so one is on the sofa and the cats fight over who sits in it and then the other will sit next to me on the other side. The other bed is on an ottoman in front of the window and often they will both be in one of the beds. I even got them beds for the bedroom which cuts down on the distribution of hair so much! Anyway. Perhaps you can make sitting next to you more attractive for Perdita. But it's good that she is calming down and growing up! Congrats on the continued care of your husband at home. Even with the extra worry and people

  8. Three months - that seems to have gone quickly from over here. I am happy that you are giving consideration to getting away for some time to yourself as well. And I believe cats sit where they are least wanted when there is a choice. (I am allergic, and the cats always head right for me.)

  9. I don't know if this would work but...
    Rub some catnip on your husband's lap and maybe Perdita would snuggle with him. We've had a cat who got mean with catnip so maybe see how she reacts to it before slathering it on your husband.

  10. Perdita may be bored and seeking attention because of it. Try some new toys