Thursday, February 02, 2017

Here I am.

My sister is safely here, sleeping off the horrors of jet lag, I hope. Knitting-wise: I have embarked on the fourth (of 14) repeats of the centre pattern of Mrs Hunter’s shawl. I keep not photographing it because I keep thinking, I’ll do a bit more today before I take a picture – and then the light goes. I hope I will set vanity aside and show you something tomorrow.

JenAC herself responded to my thread on Ravelry. She hasn’t knit any of what she bought at the EYF market in 2016 – and someone else soon chipped in to say she hadn’t yet knit any of her 2015 purchases either. Why do we do it? Not an easy question.

But I particularly wanted to be here tonight, to agree with you, Melfina: some days just getting through to the end is a real accomplishment, deserving to be celebrated. 


  1. Happy times to you and your sister - may the visit give you comfort. You deserve it. You have achieved so much recently.

  2. Wholeheartedly agree with jeanfromcornwall! Have a wonderful visit.

  3. I had a few projects in mind when I bought yarn at EYF last year, but The Book of Haps happened, and it really blew my plans out of the water. Running the knitalong in my group meant I was somewhat committed to knitting on those projects, and the group knitalongs rather took over from there. I felt particularly bad looking at my stash photo as there was yarn for two baby cardigans for my new nephew. He'll be too big for them now. :( Hey ho! Generally I'm not a mad stasher. I tend to buy with projects in mind, and eventually they get made. At the least, I'm hoping to cast on something with that yarn, on the plane to Edinburgh. Hope to see you there!

  4. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I feel like I can finally see the days getting longer as the winter solstice fades in the distance. We had a very dark January in Toronto - fewest hours of sunshine in recent years or something like that.
    When you are ready to post we will be waiting to read it.
    Keep well!

  5. =Tamar6:42 PM

    We buy the yarn because experience has taught us that it won't be there to buy later when we have time. So we stash it. If figure that I don't use my stash, someone else will eventually.

  6. Anonymous8:26 PM

    posting to us can be your accomplishment for the day - making all your readers happy!!!

    have a great visit with your sister!

    Southern Gal

  7. So grateful for your posts!