Tuesday, February 14, 2017

There is little to report. I am nearly finished with the eighth repeat of the centre pattern of Mrs Hunter’s shawl – the seventh was the halfway point. The end is in sight.

My main knitterly concern today is that I cannot find Norah Gaughan’s “Knitted Cable Sourcebook”. I spent a fair amount of time looking for it. If I had shelved it, it would be among the “technique” books – Post-Quinn on double knitting, Hoxbro on shadow knitting, that sort of thing. I have so many brioche books that they are in a separate place. In neither place, however, do I find Gaughan.

I thought of one spot after another where she might be, and have left little pools of tidiness behind me all day. I found Mrs Thompson’s “Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys, and Arans”. I think I may have mentioned here recently my anxiety about her absence from her place on the shelf. I found Franklin’s colouring book. But no Gaughan.

I am sufficiently sad and anxious that I may even buy myself another copy. It is a seriously good book.


I have nothing more to tell you about Greig Laidlaw’s ankle. He has gone back to Gloucester, where he plays rugby when he is not playing it for Scotland. That’s better than being trussed up in a French hospital – the match, on Sunday, was in Paris. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. I sympathize. I frequently misplace knitting books. Currently I'm looking for Barbara Walker's First Book of Knitting Patterns. I know I own it but I can't find it.

  2. Re Kate Davies. I was not convinced. She owns a yarn business, so can access as much yarn as she needs. And she sells kits for Uncia which would keep her going for some time. The suggestions in her comments make fascinating reading, however, which was probably the point of the post.
    So good to hear that you had a restful weekend, and that the system worked so that you have something to look forward to.

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I often find things UNDER other things. Sometimes months later. Chloe

  4. It's a pretty large book. And heavy. That means Perdita is not a suspect. I misplace my knitting books all the time. Eventually, they turn up.

  5. How I loved your "little pools of tidiness". And how I wish that ever happened to me. With me it's quite the other way around.

  6. =Tamar6:55 PM

    Little pools of tidiness - if only that would happen here... but I respectfully suggest that you keep creating them. You've found two books already. Was there a pattern to where they were, as if, for instance, someone else had been trying to be helpful?