Saturday, February 25, 2017

Χαιρετε! Νικουμεν!

Scotland beat Wales this afternoon, against all expectation. It means that a Scotland victory for the Calcutta Cup on March 11 is thinkable (although still extremely unlikely). I can revert to speculating about Fair Isle vests. All credit to our coach, Vern Cotter by name, in his final season. While Mrs Miles of Drummond Place has been telling anyone who would listen for the last fortnight that there was Now No Hope, he chose a new captain to replace the injured one and inspired those young men to believe that they could beat Wales for the first time in a decade.

And they did.

Alexander and Ketki and their sons came to see us this morning, on their way to Murrayfield. We were all very gloomy about Scotland’s prospects. Otherwise, they were well.

The centre of Mrs Hunter’s shawl continues to progress, a bit slowly. The penultimate repeat is well advanced.


Claire, I was very grateful for your offer to meet me at the EYF on Friday the 10th and get me in the back door. We can discuss this later. I mean to get a taxi from here at 8:30 or so, to be there promptly at nine.

Carol, I’m glad you enjoyed l’Escargot Bleu, and the Winter’s Tale. I didn’t even know the latter was on. I’ll tell Perdita. Let me know the next time you’re coming.


  1. What a great game! My husband took our eldest with a couple of friends - a belated birthday treat for our son's 10th birthday. He was there the last time Scotland beat wales at murrayfield- aged about 2 weeks. And today he came home with a match ball too! What a great momento.

  2. I thought of you when I heard the result - and amazed my husband by explaining what had happened to Mr Laidlaw in the previous game. A Fair Isle pullover will be just the thing to contemplate after all that lace. I'm delighted for you, Jean.

  3. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Jean, I see you managed to engage your Greek font deliberately, as well as to disengage it! Congratulations for that accomplishment as well as the wonderful result on today's match!

    Barbara M. In NH