Friday, February 03, 2017

I have let the Groundhog go by without a nod – but tonight is the eve of Six Nations Rugby, and that’s another matter. Scotland’s chances are fancied rather higher than in some years. “That’s because we haven’t played any matches yet,” says Simon in the butcher ‘s.

Tomorrow it all begins with us v. Ireland, here at Murrayfield. Alexander and his family are coming over, as often. (Last March the  boys actually got to witness, for the first time, a Scotland win, against France.) They’ll come here first, a long loop because Murrayfield is on the west (=Glasgow) side of the city, in order to see my sister.

Later in the afternoon, England will play France (Vive la France!). Wales and Italy will play on Sunday and can amuse themselves as they choose. I trust you have all seen this little video which was, I think, judged too strong for general release on British television last year.

I’ve done a bit more of Mrs Hunter’s shawl, but haven’t yet photographed it, despite yesterday’s promise.

Thinking forward to the EYF and stash enhancement, I have been rather taken by this pattern by Veronik Avery. But, oh, dear! Could I wear it? trudging up Broughton Street to the fishmonger? Or would any of the people I love care for it?


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  2. I love the pattern but not for me. Age has left me with a less than slim tummy and I would look like I was in the first months of pregnancy in that sweater. Perhaps an adaption of it would be feasible.

  3. If someone you love is very slender in hips and tummy. Veronik is a lovely (Montreal!) designer and that looks very sleek on a sleek model.

  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Do you think perhaps it might end up being a nuisance getting it over your head? It seems like a pretty tight neckline. But it is interesting, that's true. Chloe

  5. I hadn't seen that little clip. Very funny. The sweater is really good looking, but I thought much the same a Chloe. Walking up the hill I'd be dying to open it at the neck while the breeze blew through the torso.

  6. Thrilling match. Wonderful to experience it live at Murrayfield. Not so great for Ireland fans. I tried to watch it live on my computer but couldn't seem to access it. Modern technology defeated me. I must contact my tech aid.