Sunday, February 19, 2017

Something, at least, to report. I haven't quite finished the tenth repeat of the centre of Mrs Hunter's shawl, but I have at least finished the penultimate row and thus given myself permission to count the remaining stitches on that side. And they are exactly right -- 41. I could of course do the simple sum and count them on either side at any time.

Perdita, perhaps because of the lobotomising effect of her operation, occasionally comes and sits on my lap these days. Which of course brings all knitting to a halt. Fancy the iPad, which endlessly misinterprets my intentions, allowing "lobotomising"!

Yes, I had indeed forgotten the rural shows, Knitalot. I went once to Knitting & Stitching at the Ally Pally and wasn’t tremendously impressed: hot, crowded, undistinguished yarn. Our visit, however, was greatly enhanced by the Japanese pavilion. So I am probably remembering 2001. It was a revelation.

And of course the EYF has classes as well as wonderful yarn, a big plus.


This really belongs as a reply to your comment, Carol G., but since I have nothing else to say, I’ll put it here.

I hope you enjoy both Cathy’s Knits and l’Escargot Bleu – I’m pretty sure you will. There was an article in the Times last Thursday about some mangalitsa pigs which the chef has been rearing – they are supposed to be the wagyu of the pork world, and are now just about ready for the table. The chef (Fred Birkmiller) had thought he had contracted to buy some pigs when they had been reared and slaughtered, and found to his surprise that he had bought a litter of piglets. He managed to lodge them at the Gorgie City Farm.

Other chefs think that, although the meat is wonderful, the cost is too high.

The Times article didn’t say anything about l’Escargot Bleu, but those of us who know Fred know what they were talking about.

So, hold on to that word: mangalitsa. And do report back, if you find it on the menu. 

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