Monday, February 27, 2017

One more day, then Lent.

I have advanced to the final repeat of the centre pattern of Mrs Hunter's shawl. The stitch count is one-too-many on the left, as you look down on things, and correct on the right. I can deal with that.

The newspapers are wondering, as I am, whether Scotland could possibly win the Calcutta Cup this year, although they don't exactly see it in terms of a Fair Isle vest for Alexander. 

I have got a truly extraordinary amount of resources -- Meg's DVD, Mucklestone's Craftsy class, you name it. I’m pretty sure I’ve never looked at the DVD – what about the pattern? And I watched, or re-watched, the first episode of Mucklestone today without any memory of having seen it before. Presumably, in that case, the pattern is in the class materials.

I've found my "inspiration" -- Hopper's "Gas", pictured in the FT at the weekend because it's in the "America After the Fall" expo at the RA. I'd love to see that show -- the decade and the continent from which I derive. 

It should yield a good Fair Isle design, and Knitsonik and the Feral Knitter should help me plan it. Shandy, yes, you’re thinking along the same lines. I would want to alternate (shall we say)  nine- and thirteen- row designs, different each time but not very different, lined up above each other, separated by a peerie pattern which would stay the same. And although the patterns would be different each time, the colours would stay the same.

Needs some thinking.

The EYF is the day before the Calcutta Cup match so I couldn't actually presume to buy yarn -- but Jamieson & Smith will be there. I can choose yarns and note names and numbers, for later ordering.

I don't have to cast it on the next day, for Heaven’s sake -- as long as it's finished before the 2018 Calcutta Cup match.

Both the Feral Knitter and Felicity Ford ("Knitsonic") are desperately keen on swatching, to test how colours work with each other. Why am I so reluctant? If Scotland should actually win - per impossibile -- it would be an event worth commemorating in a sweater worth keeping. And swatching does help.


  1. Anonymous1:51 AM

    I really like the idea of using the Hopper painting as the colour choices.
    Exciting concept!

  2. Jean, would it jinx it if you decided to knit a Fair Isle anyway, and award yourself the bonus of adding the date and cup if your team win?

    1. Just what I wondered. Will be such a good project in any case, you have your palette (the painting is a lovely idea) and you could be getting on with yarn colours.

  3. Fair Isle Vests are a subject close to my heart, Jean, as you know! Meg's vest is found in her DVD, Wool Gathering #54 and Knitters 48, Fall 1997. It's the same in all three places as far as I know. It varies a bit from the cardigan in that while all but one of the patterns are the same they're in different DH and I will have sort of matching sweaters. I just (today) finished the one for DH, using Meg's mostly natural colors with rust rather than heather as one of the accent colors since he didn't want "any of that pink". All the bands are different patterns.
    I love the Hopper painting colors and I think they will make a lovely Fair Isle pattern. Swatching to see how colors work together is much more fun than simply swatching for gauge, much more exciting as you watch the design emerge. So far I've only done it with a given palette of colors, in MJ Mucklestone's class on Shetland and in a couple of the KAL's in the Ravelry J&S group. BTW, I don't think J&S will be at EYF, Ella did mention that Purlescence should be there with a good assortment of their yarns.

    1. =Tamar9:00 PM

      Swatching is also very helpful for seeing how colors work with a specific pattern; I once tried the same set of colors with a pattern and only one arrangement really worked.
      The colors in the painting should work with just about any pattern!

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I have been on "vacay" lately so have. missed several posts but would like to chime in belatedly. (1) bicyclists' headlamps but don't look at anyone while they are on. Available in sporting goods departments among other places. Great for traveling as well. (2) hope someone who knows Jared will see your Nila comments and encourage him to bring one along. It really does help to try a sample on. (3) a broom handle for high up SOFT items like paper towels only. Usually handy (when my husband isn't) and safe if used wisely. At least in my experience:-). I repeat SOFT items only. And (4) I know several people who have benefitted by balance and strength exercises. You might also ask your doctor about those. Good luck on the Calcutta Cup and the great ideas for the Fair Isle, Jean. Chloe