Thursday, February 16, 2017

Guess what? I found Gaughan. And guess where? Where she belonged – among the “technique” books on the knitting shelf in the bedroom.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that it is ever a good idea, when you’re looking for something, to go back, from time to time, to the place where it ought to be. As several of your perspicacious comments suggested.

I have enjoyed looking through the book  again today, keeping ever a sharp eye in case it showed any tendency to vanish into thin air. I am glad to have it, and perhaps even gladder to discover that I treated it with respect in the first place, and put it away where it belonged. My hold on life is ever more tenuous, and that discovery was a boost.

[No, in answer to your questions about my two big losses: no iPad and no keys. I feel pretty sure that the iPad must have been stolen, although that leaves several anxious questions unanswered. How did someone get in here and out again unobserved? The keys remain a total mystery. There is no way that a Bad Man could have got hold of them in Strathardle that day, surrounded as I was by family. I can still remember the sense of emptiness and surprise when I realized that they weren’t in my hand as they had been a moment before.]

Looking at cables in Gaughan has rekindled my enthusiasm for the shorter Ancasta. I think probably the time has come to email Baa Ram Ewe about the yarn.

I’ve finished the ninth repeat of the centre pattern of Mrs Hunter’s shawl. When I’ve done the tenth (of fourteen), it’ll be time to start counting – how many stitches remain to be swallowed? How many rows remain to be knit?


There’s nothing to be said about rugby, really. We get this weekend off. The unfortunate Scotland coach has got to find three men to replace Greig Laidlaw: a scrum half, a captain cool under fire, a near-faultless goal kicker. Not easy.

Does he have a slightly feline face? Or is it just that, loving him and loving Perdita, I want to find a resemblance? As I think I’ve said before, Laidlaw sizing up a kick and Perdita meditating a leap to a forbidden height, approach the problem in much the same way.


  1. So glad the book was where it should have been all along. I do believe that certain books - the ones we value highly - have the ability to make themselves infinitely thin for a time, just to tease us.

  2. Anonymous11:05 AM

    So glad about your Gaighan book. It is always better to find the original even though buying a duplicate is readily doable.. I am concerned about your iPad. If you have the serial number somewhere maybe you can consult Apple Help to help you find it. If you do not use a passcode, and some people don't, it might be erased by the thief but at least you might know,for sure what happened to it. Apple may have a record of your purchase with the serial number even if you didn't write the number down somewhere. I'm not sure about that but you could ask. And of course if you had the Find My iPhone app and a passcode that would help a lot more although you would probably have tried that by now. Chloe

  3. It's so easy to lose stuff even when it's not lost. I wonder sometimes how the 'little grey cells' manage not to see whats right under the nose!! As to your keys, could they be in a coat pocket in the back of the closet??? I once found a lost hearing aide deep in the inner breast pocket of a second favorite suit jacket after a replacement had been ordered. And is it possible a Carer moved the IPad to a shelf or drawer?? Or covered it up accidentally?? Check inside the bed & under the pillow. And under the cushion in your favorite seat.

  4. Agree with Chloe. Although it has been some time perhaps Apple can help by providing the serial number. It may be worth filing with the police to get it in their database. You never know.

  5. So glad your sister didn't take the Gaughan book.

  6. =Tamar4:49 PM

    In that photo, it's definitely the pointed ears.
    Kudos for the book's having been put where it belongs!

  7. Anonymous4:55 PM

    The mystery of the keys . . . perhaps they fell down a gopher hole (that is, if Scotland has gophers)? Or perhaps a crow fancied them as a toy and took them away?
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)