Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Thank you for your sympathy. I think I'm a bit better. Sister Helen and Greek Helen combined forces this morning -- and they are a formidable team -- to insist I saw a dr. He has prescribed a basic antibiotic, told me to come back at once if I get worse, and after a week of antibiotics, if no better. He took my temperature and blood pressure-- the raising of one and lowering of the other could mean that coreopsis had set in, but I'm fine in those respects.

[And you mustn't assume that that is the standard of medical advice I get on NHS websites. It's a quotation from James Thurber/Walter Mitty, as I hope some recognized.]

The physical discomfort>pain is, if anything, worse, but I think the general sense of malaise is somewhat relieved. The boil is now draining of its own accord – more than you really need to know, in a knittjng blog – justifying the dr’s decision not to lance it today.

Sister Helen has gone off to London, thence to DC. Much missed.

I continue to explore patterns. I have decided that what I really like is over-sized, verging on sloppy. Current contenders are Carol Sunday's "Nancy's Vest", the shorter “Ancasta” from Laine, Bristol Ivy's "Devlan" from Jared's Wool Book 7, and Anne Hanson's "Dock and Cabin" which turned up among my Promotions this morning. It's delicious still to have a month to think about it. 

I made a bit more progress with Mrs Hunter's shawl. Thank you for your kind words. The yarn is a great part of its success, and I must say something about that, but for now, hottie-bottie-and-bed.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. Been there, felt that!! It isn't fair that something so small can be so painful. And your search for patterns - have you looked at VersaciKnits? You can see her website or on Ravelry as Versaciknits. She likes simple lines but often designs big sweaters with fitted shoulders & necks or narrow sleeves. She's designed Zen, The Boyfriend, Yuki, Tiramisu & Suit.

  2. Glad you saw the doctor. You can get staph with those things (in addition to coreopsis!) I do like Devlan. A great deal of plain knitting with some lovely details. Just my cuppa.

  3. Anonymous6:57 AM

    I'm hugely taken with Dock and Cabin, which looks like great fun to knit and comfortable to wear.

  4. I made Devlan a couple of years back, I am pleased with it on the whole but the sleeves are rather tight. You might want to watch out for that if you want "sloppy"!

  5. Very happy to hear that you are on the mend!
    -35 here this morning and up to our tushies in snow!

  6. Very happy to hear that you are on the mend!
    -35 here this morning and up to our tushies in snow!

  7. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Hi Jean, if you are open to opinions, I've given myself the delicious assignment of analyzing some your pattern choices and Sharon's suggestion of Versaci designs. Of course fhe most important thing is to do exactly what you want. I love Anne Hanson and the details of her Dock and Cabin are scrumptious but I am not sure you would be well-served by that deep vee neckline without some accompanying detail to fill it out. From what I remember of what you may have said in the past about your body type (and we all have a type of some kind and I for one tend to be overly sensitive about mine and therefore proceed gingerly when addressing other people's), it seems to me that you would feel most comfortable in an a-line silhouette. If I remember correctly about this, then I would choose something like Versaci's "Pour Moi" which also seems roomy but not too much so. The cardigan band might be too wide for your taste but you could easily modify that. I also love the Ancasta bodice with the cables but not sure of the rest of it. Hard to tell from the pictures. Of course you have lots of time to have fun and explore whatever YOU like, so mostly I just say, go for it! chloe

  8. LeslieAnn1:29 PM

    You might enjoy Riyito, a lovely oversized pullover by Carol Feller.

  9. Anonymous2:09 PM

    My goodness! I missed one day of the "follow" and your butt exploded!So sorry for the limitations caused by the behind boil (sitting, standing, walking). Consistent complaints from your keester, not to mention the drainage discomfort.
    Glad to hear your energy is returning a bit...:)
    I loved the Dock and Cabin design you suggested but think it is better for a guy... I followed Sharon's net address to Versaci knits and fell in love with 'Suit'... elegant and completely capable of hiding my mummy tummy from sight:)
    BE WELL! from PGnitter

  10. I made Nancy's Vest last fall and love it. Carol Sunday's patterns are so well planned and written, always a little twist of a technique that adds so much!
    Have fun with your search!
    Glad you're feeling a little better.

    1. I loved this pattern as well, and done in Carol's yarn, it is fabulous.

  11. With the combination of your draining boil and your husband's increased susceptibility to infections let me take this moment to recommend vigilant hand washing for the duration. "This has been a public service announcement." :-)

  12. =Tamar4:22 PM

    Much sympathy. A friend of mine had those chronically, along with untreated diabetes. Prolonged sitting may have been involved also, as pressure can cause inflammation. Perhaps a bit of daily aimless wandering around the house might be in order and maybe a better cushion. I have one designed for a wheelchair and it is excellent.

  13. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Couldn't find Suit the first time around but it does have a certain je ne sais quoi. Sleeves might be a it snug but may be not too much. At least they won't fall in the soup. Chloe