Friday, January 25, 2019

All well. My Personal Trainer came this morning, and as always I feel the better for her visit, and as always am resolved to keep going with the exercises.

Just as I always resolve, after an Italian lesson, to get cracking with the homework right away. So here I am, as so often, on the eve of another Italian lesson, with everything to be done.

Thank you for all the book tips. I finished my latest thriller today, and have downloaded and embarked upon Virginia Wolff’s “A Room of One’s Own”. It’s very good. She is quietly indignant at the way Oxford treated women a hundred years ago. What would she have thought of transsexuals in women’s changing rooms?

Hat, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of Sebastian Barry, and have made a note in a place where it won’t be overlooked. Kirsten, I can’t find “End of All Days” on Amazon. Is that Barry again?  And I’m sure I’ve never read “Cousin Phyllis” so I’ll look forward to that as our February RAL. But I mustn’t forget “The Lottery” in the excitement. Archie came to lunch today, for haggis and neeps (it’s Burns’ birthday). He’s something of an expert on horror fiction, and says that “The Lottery” has been surpassed. I’m doubtful.


I’m moving forward well with the Stronachlachar. The second set of increase-and-then-nine-rows has been done. The third increase row is next.

Kate Davies’ new yarn is “out” – it looks beautiful. It’s an Aran-weight mixture of “Peruvian highland wool”, whatever that is, and alpaca. I am slightly surprised that Scottish sheep don’t feature. I’m sure she would’uv had them in there if she could’uv.


  1. It's 'days without end' by Sebastian Barry
    I always remember it the wrong way round!

  2. =Tamar5:43 PM

    Horror fiction covers a range of styles. Archie's criteria for saying one example is above another may be entirely different from yours. I don't read it, so I can't comment further.

  3. Jean, I agree with you on Margaret Stove's advice about the stitch that ends on top in a decrease. All of the other tricks confuse me.

    Secret Scripture would be one of my favorites of Sebastian Barry. His writing reminds me a bit of William Trevor.