Friday, January 18, 2019

Little to report, but that little, good.

I woke up feeling so droopy that I wondered whether I should cancel my personal trainer’s visit. But I didn’t, and it was the right decision. I felt much better after being made to move, and am determined to keep movement going.

The Stronachlachar is 1” short of the underarm shapings. I should also finish the fourth skein of yarn tomorrow. It’s all go.

And the Duke of Edinburgh seems to be OK. I was afraid he would die of shock during the night. I was glad to hear that the police breathalysed both drivers (both were clear). The policeman will have a story for the rest of his life – “Just blow here, Sir”. It sounds as if the villain was the Low Winter Sun which can make driving (and, sometimes, walking) such a nightmare this time of year. It gets better after Groundhog Day.

Jim Arnall-Culliford has an interesting blog post, imagining himself on Desert Island Disks. What if you had to pick one knitting book and one yarn to take along? He would choose the Knitter’s Almanac (EZ). Not so I. My yarn would be MadTosh DK – I’m assuming I would have permanent access to the entire range. But that would mean no lace knitting… Thank goodness it won’t really happen, but it’s fun to go on thinking about what book I would take. It’s easy enough to form a short list, very difficult to narrow it down to one.


  1. It would be a toss-up between Barbara Walker and Sheila McGregor. And J&S 2ply jumper weight - the full range, as you say.

    1. Good thinking, on both counts. I’ll return to the subject, I hope

  2. I go to a gym and walk on a track for an hour every weekday and some days I have to argue myself into going. But I always feel better after I do. Glad you didn't cancel your session.

    My desert island book is "The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches vol. 1". It is the first stitch pattern book I ever saw, and still my favorite. I can make up afghans, scarves and even sweaters enough to knit forever if I have that. Well, and some yarn, too.

  3. I would need to take one of the Japanese stitch dictionaries with me I think - for the challege. And yes J& S jumper weight is a good yarn choice - ALL colours please then I can design Fair Isle from the landscape around me. It also occurs to me that it is possible to unravel the strands for a lace weight and ply it for something heavier if needed

  4. You need more personal trainer not less. :)

  5. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Even once a week done faithfully has been shown to have significant effect over time, if you do more, so much the better. Hurray for you, Jean! Chloe

  6. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Excellent reminder to just do it and a body will feel better. :-)
    I agree with you--is hard to narrow down to just one book! As my knitting library will attest.....great suggestions by other commenters....I'm thinking Ann Budds pattern book with a knitting stitch guide (Harmony? Barbara Walker?) would be as close as I could get at the moment.

  7. Glad you kept your appointment. Even though I am a regular walker, when I have not walked to work and back for a week or so, the next time I do it I feel it. So push on! We need you spry enough to knit and type!. That book choice is really tough. Barbara Walker? June Hemmons Hiatt for the sheer size? Mary Thomas was the first knitting book I had access to, mysteriously left in my Grandmother’s bedroom. (She was not a knitter.) Thinner yarn so the project take longer? To be continued.