Monday, January 28, 2019

“Jean’s books” it’ll have to be, again this evening.

I have, however, knitted on. Only three or four more rows remain to be done, on the front of the Stronachlachar, before the neck shaping. The whole – I’d better take a picture tomorrow – is behaving like ribbing. What we have is three panels of a travelling stitch pattern, on a purl background, separated by panels of st st.

And the result is that the latter panels expand over the former, as in all ribbing. Presumably blocking will straighten things out.


Mary Lou, you’ll like “Moon Tiger”.

We “did” Mrs Dalloway in my freshman English class at Oberlin, and it made a great impression. The professor, whose name I have shamefully forgotten, asked us questions, Socrates-fashion. He was very good.

But I’ve never got anywhere with Virginia Wolff since. I fear I even read Jacob’s Room, long, long ago – and missed the point. (=that Jacob was a member of that doomed English generation.) I think it’s time to try again, reading carefully as in that English class.

I’ve downloaded “Cousin Phillis” (so spelled), which has the great advantage of being free on Amazon, so I’m ready for February. That still leaves three days…

And Valerie, your remark that Sebastian Barry reminds you of William Travor, is a great inducement to make the attempt.

And how right you are, Shandy, about the ease of Kindle. There one sits, over the breakfast table, reading the book reviews – and all one has to do is press a couple of keys, and start reading the book!


  1. I have never heard of William Trevor, which surprises me, but I've just read his obituary in The Guardian from two years ago. Now on my list, as is Sebastian Barry.

    1. Start with Love and Summer would be my suggestion.