Monday, January 07, 2019

Perhaps a bit stronger today.

I thought this might be the morning when my new cleaning woman would reappear, after the prolonged hols, so I lept out of bed and did a lot in the kitchen so as not to embarrass myself. It turns out she’ll be here on Wednesday.

Here at last is the promised picture:

The instruction is to knit 16 inches straight, then divide for the underarm. I must have passed halfway. I’ll measure tomorrow. I’m terribly pleased with it.

Brooklyn Tweed – indeed, Jared himself – offers a nice little lacy shoulder shawl which I think I will suggest for this year’s bride, if I finish Stronachlachar in anything like January. The wedding is in July. At present, she is planning to wear the one I knit for Hellie. I’ve now got it for re-blocking. It looks a bit yellow. They did something with sulphur on Shetland in the old days, but I don’t think I want to embark on that.

The Brooklyn Tweed shawl wouldn’t be nearly so big or grand, but it would be hers, and the edging, at least, is fancy.


  1. Yes, and it might be easier to mange for a July wedding if the weather is warm. You are really cooking with gas on that pullover.

  2. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Glad you are feeling a bit better.

    Love the Stronachlachar!

    Beverly in NJ.

  3. Lovely texture in those Stronachlachar panels, and what a great colour for winter knitting!

  4. Oh, the Stronachlachar is going to be gorgeous! It looks like a nice pattern to work on, too. Cables to keep it interesting and stockinette to speed it along.
    Is it Rock Island that you are considering for this year’s bride? I have a spring bride, myself, to whom I have promised the Rosemary Shawl from Jamieson and Smith, If I can only force myself to start it. I foresee an uncomfortable rush towards the finish for myself.

  5. What a lovely thing that Stronachlachar is turning out to be. Clearly, I must consider making one for me.
    I think that either shawl would make a lovely addition to the wedding and will endow the ceremony with an additional layer of cherished tradition.

  6. =Tamar1:28 PM

    Stronalachlar is beautiful - both the color and the knitting.
    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. A lacy little shoulder shawl sounds just the thing for a summer wedding.

  7. Anonymous1:32 PM

    So lovely!

  8. Stronalachlar is indeed a cheering sight. I am noodling an idea for a heavier weight sort of tunic/vest with pockets. We shall see. Tomorrow you can wake up and pretend that you always have everything this tidy. There is some product for washing fleece and vintage linens that is supposed to be good for whitening gently, I think it is called Orvus. I'll investigate when I have a moment.

  9. The color of the Stronachlachar is gorgeous! What a cheery thing to wear.

    The tradition of wedding shawls is wonderful. I have managed baby blankets for my grandchildren, but doubt I will be around for either granddaughter to marry. We started late with children, and both daughters were well into their 30's before having children. It is not a gloomy thought, just realistic. I suppose I could embark now on a shawl, but I'm pretty busy with baby things.
    Glad to have you back after the Christmas holiday.

  10. The sweater is lovely. Love the color and the pattern. Great work!! Lynne from Cape Cod, MA