Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Oh, Kirsten, can I team up with you in a RAL?  What is your February classic going to be? Do you belong to an actual or a virtual reading group? Or choose your classics yourself? Dorian Gray is an interesting choice. I can’t remember what put me on to him.

Most of today’s Pointless knitting was devoted to administration – sliding the front stitches one way, putting the back stitches on waste yarn, making a start on knitting back and forth, doing the first increase row. I was grateful again for Stephen West’s mnemonics in his Craftsy class, for m1r and m1l: I left the front door open; I’ll be right back.

A resolution for a better life: I keep wasting my post-blogging time in the evening. I sit in the kitchen, reading my book on my Kindle and, when that palls, watching cookery videos on YouTube. “Huddle” isn’t quite the right word. I just get too tired to stand up and feed the cats and go to bed.

I think the solution might be more podcasts, more Neil MacGregor, even. And bring the knitting into the kitchen.

When I do finally go to bed, we all three sleep together these days. When Perdita was a kitten and young cat, she slept with me. There was a period when I moved out of the bedroom and slept on a camp bed in the hall, where I would be close enough to hear my husband if he needed me in the night. (The spare room is too far away – this flat is rather like a railway carriage.)

And Perdita came along. It was uncomfortable for both of us, but the gesture of solidarity was much appreciated.

When Paradox joined us, after my husband's death, she took over as the Bed Cat. I don’t know where Perdita went. I was sorry about it. But since the recent New Year, she has come back. Paradox continues to sleep on her folded blanket at the foot of the bed. Perdita curls up next to me. I get up often in the night to pee, and it is awkward trying to re-insert myself without disturbing her. But worth it, to have her there. When I put out my hand to stroke her, she bites me. She has always been a disagreeable cat. That’s why I love her.


  1. Jean, your comment on loving that disagreeable cat made me chuckle. I have been there as well.
    Ron in Mexico

  2. Jean, a RAL would be fun! I discovered that Penguin books had a challenge going, with different categories, so I picked classics. I'll try and find the link. Next month is 'Persuasion' which I have read recently, so I thought I might try one of Mrs Gaskell's, as I have never read any by her.
    I am getting irritated by DG; and have been skimming over the endless descriptions of his various obsessions with luxurious jewels etc; if ever there was a manifesto for the necessity of gainful employment for everyone, for the sake of their mental health, this book would be it.
    Our ancient cats have only just started to become lap-cats, now that they are all boney and knobbly. They are determined and persistent, not realising that they have trained us over 15 years to accept being ignored by them and we can't change overnight just to suit their new desires.

  3. I have never read Dorian Gray, I only remember the movie where a very young Angela Lansbury sang "I'm only a bird in a gilded cage" the rest of the movie must not have been much, if that's the only scene I can recall!

  4. =Tamar2:46 PM

    "Administration" - a neat term for that.
    I agree, podcasts and knitting would be more effective use of your kitchen-time.

    This may not be true of others, but when I find myself watching videos and resisting going to bed, it's usually to avoid thinking about something I know I ought to do.

  5. I love the term "administration" used in that sense. Also, you and your cats in bed: very familiar to me with my cat-like dogs over the years. Anyway, lovely to hear you all keep each other company at night.

  6. Speaking of podcasts,Jean, have you heard that VK just started one? Called Knitter view, it features editor Trisha Malcolm interviewing the knitterati. The first episode had Meg Swansen. You can probably find it on iTunes. I used the Castbox app.

  7. That's Knitterview.

  8. GrannyPurple8:37 PM

    I am a bit behind you on Stronachlachar, just getting close to the underarm separation. A friend has made a stitch counter that I hang just before the pattern begins, and slide a bead down before each round/row. It works well, though it helps to read your knitting, too. A calico kitten has recently joined my household, and elder cat (brown tabby, about 14 years old) feels the need to discipline her several times a day. I suspect that it happens only when I am present. They both sleep on my large bed, but take lap turns quite equally during the day. I am told by the woman who clips the kittens nails that Calicos are the red heads of the feline world--difficult to deal with, but worth the effort!