Thursday, January 31, 2019

The doctor I saw on Tuesday persuaded me to start taking the diuretic which had been prescribed in December. I had held off (a) because the enclosed leaflet was so scary and (b) because after I had that little bout of food poisoning in the back end of the year, what I needed was re-hydration, not the opposite.

So far, after two days, the result of taking it seems to be that I feel worse than ever – but maybe I’ll get used to it. No symptoms that I could report, just great weakness. I'll phone the dr if things don't improve over the weekend.

I knit, not much, but still a bit. I have divided the front of the Stronachlachar for the neck and am proceeding up one side or the other, I’ve forgotten which. There’s not far to go.

As for reading, I am well advanced with Jacob’s Room, and will proceed, despite the arrival of February tomorrow. It is a very strange and interesting book. I wouldn’t mind reading some intelligent criticism of it. Suggestions?

And after that, Cousin Phillis.


  1. Take a look at this summary & analysis to see if it's what you are looking for re: Jacob's Room:

    1. That’s very interesting, and just what I was looking for. Thank you.

  2. I love the book Elizabeth And Her German Garden. Jean, do you think incorporating more protein into your diet would help?

  3. =Tamar12:12 AM

    Do you have a way to take your blood pressure at home? If so, maybe you should take it every so often all day and record the readings (and what you ate or drank at the time, and how you felt), and show them to your doctor.

  4. Jean, get thee to that geriatric doctor. (S)he needs to review all your medications to look for possible drug interactions and to determine if some of the drugs are no longer necessary. All our doctors should do this as we age but the family practice docs, being focused on the “family” aged patients, seem to forget that as we age we don’t always need the same drugs as younger folks.

  5. I'm enjoying Cousin Phillis; so calm after the feverishness of Dorian Gray. It's a quick read.
    I'm having a 'duvet day', which pleases Leo the cat (we thought she was male). Not ill, just tired, especially of people and sound (I teach around 50 piano lessons a week)
    A few years ago I had a reaction to alendronic acid tablets which built up over several months until I thought I would have to retire through fatigue and general illhealth. Luckily all went back to normal after I talked to GP and changed meds. So, yes, seeing soneone to review everything could be a plan.

  6. I am adding my voice here. My father was given a diuretic medication of some sort that left him feeling weaker and weaker. only when he fell and hit his head on something did the MD understand that the meds were the issue.

  7. Anonymous2:39 PM

    good advice here in these responses... we re hoping you are feeling better and regaining your strength!!

  8. I agree with all the good health advice, and am hoping that you regain your energy.
    Books:I am really enjoying "A Gentleman in Moscow." (I have to put the title in quotes as I'm not able to underline) Did I hear about this book here? And one that I also enjoyed is "The Weight of Ink." Both are beautifully written and fascinating.
    Now I will attempt Wolff again, and Oscar Wilde. And will find Jacob's Room.