Sunday, January 20, 2019

Even less to report – I’m still ½” short of the Stronachlachar underarm. I did wind and join in a new skein, at least.

Tamar, that’s a wonderful tidbit about Mary Thomas’ publisher not letting her include her sources!

Somewhere she says – I’d better try to find the passage – that there are only 10 (or was it a dozen?) Shetland lace patterns, which she names. It would be interesting indeed to have her source for that one.

Kate Davies’ new club is in action – a sweater which doesn’t stir me, and a most attractive hat. We had a long blog post today about repetition, which she is in favour of, but it was uncharacteristically tedious, I thought, and didn’t seem to lead up to a new knitting pattern as I kept hoping.

I have been inactive today, and feel the worse for it. Tomorrow life starts anew – TGIM has long been my motto.

Poor Annie Modesitt has at last posted a blog entry.  That's a good sign in itself, I hope. She's having a terrible time, despite her actual treatment for cancer having finished a month or so ago (I think). 


  1. This conversation about the desert island has heightened my anxiety level! I cannot imagine having to choose just one book for any reason - I often find myself reading more than one book at a time, one a fiction and another non-fiction! I think I will wait on shore and bring the rest of you supplies from time to time! Re: the D-of-E, I read today that he was cautioned by the authorities for not wearing a seat belt. No matter is position, he still has to obey the law. But he was photographed today behind the wheel of his new vehicle without the seat belt fastened. Guess when you reach 97 you get stubborn!

  2. The Kate Davies Knitting Season has the patterns released on the Friday and Kate's essay on Sundays. I have enough jumpers, but the hat is very tempting. It is interesting to see how the snowflake/star design is evolving.

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    inactive day? it should not be! you jest - true? When you sit down to rest - or read- or compute - you should be up and moving twice an hour. do a chore... pick up cat fuzz by hand that makes you bend and stretch. dust a cobweb with a stick. it makes you reach. Just who is your coach? didn't she tell you that little by little you can lose your balance and mobility???? NOT THE WAY I WANT TO GROW OLD. We love you too much to let you throw yourself away. old folks homes are a bummer!

  4. I love Tamar's idea of putting a sticker over the cartoons in Mary Thomas. And yes, they still make correction tape of all kinds, and White Out, too!

  5. Oh dear I just read the last few monhts of Annie's posts. what a horrid time for her.. losing her husband in the midst of her chemo treatments. my prayers for her. (never met her but read her blog years ago).