Friday, January 04, 2019

Thank you very much for your advice. I took it. Thanks especially to you, Hat, who wrote so quickly. I decided as soon as I read your message that I would take a taxi to the dr’s office this morning (=Spend the Kids’ Inheritance) and I slept the better for having decided.

They were very crowded. Our practice has “open access” – if you turn up before 10 a.m., any week day, and are prepared to sit, you can see a doctor. I don’t see how other practices manage without. The girl sitting next to me had a cough which certainly couldn’t have waited until she could get a normal appointment. A day in a&e would have been her only alternative.

I had a timed appt with a nurse for the taking of bloods, and wasn’t there long.

Here’s a knitting tidbit connected with my end-of-year holiday: Alexander and Ketki gave me a book called “Ardkinglas” about the estate on which they live. It is not without interest. The author is the great-granddaughter of the enormously rich late Victorian who bought the estate and built the house. And another member of the family is Lady Gainford, the author of that little book about kilt hose which the Schoolhouse Press still sells.

I didn’t take a picture of Stronachlachar; sorry about that. I hope I will tomorrow. It progresses well. Being able to cross stitches without a cable needle is especially useful in a dr’s waiting room.

Tonight’s non-knit problem is that I have an Italian lesson scheduled for tomorrow morning (via Skype, from Rome). I must work out how to explain in Italian – that will be as good as a lesson – that I have had food poisoning and am still not quite back to my (feeble) norm and haven’t done my homework. I will send an email to that effect this evening, so that Federica will be prepared.


  1. Food poisoning is horrible but it is a much better excuse than "the cats ate my homework". I am glad you took a taxi.

  2. I learned 'canis meus id comedit' when teaching music to a class doing a project on the Romans. (Unexpected way one acquires learning) My co-musicteacher had been a lay-clerk in a cathedral so knew his latin. Not sure what the Italian would be..

    1. "Le gatte hanno mangiato i miei compiti" would be somewhere near the target I think. "Food poisioning" seems to be "intossicazione alimentare" which sounds too elaborate to be right.

    2. Intoxicated alimentaries! My bowels are drunk! That's a brilliant description! Thank you!

  3. Crossing cables without a cable needle is indeed a feat to celebrate (internally if necessary and there is no-one present to marvel at one’s accomplishment)
    I am knitting Ryo which has something called ‘caliper cables’ all the way down the front and over the shoulders down the sleeves, so I am very glad not to need my cable needle!

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    VERY broken Italian (an paired there in my youth but took no classes). "Non mi senti bene perche ho mangiato qualqua cose male". is the best I could manage. Any knee length socks are a friend of mine in this era of short socks. Of course that would be akin to knitting sleeves... Chloe

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    AU pair (a mere typo) and QUALCOSA not my bastardized version. Unlike the French, Italians are so tolerant of imperfect language skills that there is not as much incentive to get it right. Mi scusi! Also, love the sweaters on those handsome young boys. Having a big family is like having money in the bank. Very rare these days. Chloe

  6. Blogger commenting does not work on safari. Really annoying At least I finally figured this out after many posts that disappeared. So

    I had written yesterday that perhaps Helen could install the Uber app for you on your iPhone or Archie. It’s really easy to use.

    Glad you are better and had a good time at the holidays. And so glad you are back writing and taking me away from my daily problems. Happy new year and Epiphany is tomorrow !

  7. I generally use a cable needle if there are complicated cables or lots of stitches, but for 1 or 2 stitch crosses, no needle is the way to go. (Unless you have slippery yarn.) Glad the taxi went well. I have Lady Gainsford's book somewhere. I like knowing that you have a connection of a sort!