Monday, February 25, 2019

A brief touching-of-base.

I’m well advanced with the ribbing on the second sleeve-hole of the Stronachlachar, after a considerable amount of counting and re-counting. One more session will finish the actual knitting – that leaves tidying and blocking.

Andrew and Andrea tomorrow I think!

Archie came to help this morning – another astonishing warm, sunny spring day. We did our two laps round the garden, and on to the corner shop. It nearly did for me. Then I sat in the doorway and supervised while Archie dealt with the trough containing my Welsh onions. It was covered with weed, which we discarded. Then we decided to go ahead and discard all the old compost. He filled the trough with fresh compost, and he then re-planted the onions which I had meanwhile divided. It was a satisfying job.

Shandy, that’s a good point about my glasses. In normal life, I wear bifocals. I had to see the oculist recently, to replace the lens badly scratched by my fall in Reggio Calabria. My Personal Trainer persuaded me to get a pair of non-bifocals at the same time, for wear out of doors. I did, but I never wear them and am not entirely sure where they are.

I’ll remedy that, and start using them.


  1. Well, I am glad that your personal trainer has already put forward the idea of spectacles. Let's hope that they help.

    I'm looking forward to seeing that finished KD top. A whole group of people are engaging in a group hug to show their support by casting on a KD design. When I looked in my finished projects it turns out that I've only ever knitted the First Footing socks and a pair of mitts repurposing the Finlaggan cables. This might be a good time to choose something more substantial...

    1. Agree. I am looking to decide one as well I have a bunch of yarn. Am sorely tempted by the hap of many colors. Except for all those ends oh vey

  2. I would never have thought about the glasses and depth perception while walking. Interesting. I'm envious of your planting - we are still under lots of newly fallen snow here.

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Maybe your PT can - or already does - incorporate some T'ai Chi moves? The whole sequence was overwhelming for me so I never got into it, but just a few simple moves could be helpful. For me what was alarming was not being able to catch myself when I stumbled. I think T'ai Chi helps with that. Chloe