Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Again, not much more than a touching-in.

I did my two circuits of Drummond Place Gardens again today. It was another astonishing spring morning, I found my non-bifocals, and I think perhaps it helped to wear them. Here’s the picture I took to send to Greek Helen to prove that I had done it, or at least that I had been there.

Alexander will probably be here tomorrow, his 59th birthday, and we’ll do it together.

I’ve finished the Stronachlachar, all but blocking. That really has to be done, in this case, because – as I’ve mentioned before – the stocking stitch panels blouse out over the travelling stitch ones and need to be smoothed down.

Usually, when I F an O, I’ve got something else straining at the lead. I think what I’ll probably do tomorrow (but that’s a bit of a feeble remark, already) is knit another Foldlines square in left-over madtosh DK. Or I could start a Baby Surprise, or Mary Lou’s wonderful Pollywog, for my former cleaner’s recently arrived son. Or even sort my Koigu stash into dark and light with that impressive brioche scarf/stole from a recent VK in mind.

Andrew and Andrea turned up on schedule and were very much enjoyed. Martin Storey is the principal interview – not a designer with whom I have much raport, but interesting enough. The Shepherdess, however, of Solitude Wool near DC, was fascinating.

I thought of something I might want to say about knitting and race, but in the present climate I wouldn’t dare. Don’t worry – you haven’t missed much.


  1. I really enjoyed the episode Of "Fruity Knitting". did you notice that the shepherdess was wearing a KD design? Wonderful hearing her describe the characteristics of the various breeds and their fleeces.

  2. You got my interest piqued and I have started watch8ng them. Rather interesting. I need to read up on their background. So many episodes to watch too. Do you have any favorites.?

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Happy 59th Alexander. Have a lovely day:)
    I can hardly wait to see your Stronachlachar, Jean- blocked or not! I am hunting for a yarn to do mine in. Being highly allergic to wool puts limitations on knitting.
    Really hoping the specs work for you! If not, take note of which shoes you were wearing. Do they differ from your shoes back when you never fell? My 'downfall' (several falls out of the blue) came when I bought a new pair of memory foam shoes- made my feet blind. All is better now that I put these old feet into skinny soled shoes again.
    Have a great day with Alexander !!!

  4. =Tamar4:50 PM

    Anonymous has a good point about the shoes. I fell once when the _side_ of a shoe briefly snagged on something and changed my expected balance point.