Saturday, February 16, 2019

Virtually nothing, tonight. No knitting.

Was I more than ordinarily flattened by this morning's Italian lesson? Next week, I have managed to schedule both it and the Personal Trainer for the same day.

I have finished reading the real “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. There is nothing there of the plot so fondly remembered over 50 years, the George Peppard and Patricia Neal story. I was very happy to find that memory supplied his name, even after all this time – hers, I had to look up.

The movie was written by George Axelrod. Presumably it was he, already an accomplished playwright, who saw the potential in the setting and devised the plot. Wikipedia says that he was nominated for an Academy Award for the screenplay. I wonder who won.

I think I will probably subside into trash for the rest of the month. I’ll finish speed-reading Weldon on Austen, though.

Becca (this year’s bride) is interested in the idea of Jared’s little shawl. She means to wear it down her back, attached to her hair, as Hellie did hers. For that purpose, the reappearance of Hellie’s shawl (much larger) might be better. I’ll think about it tomorrow.


  1. So when you say trash, Jean, I wonder what you have in mind? I'm just reading Andrea Levi's "Small Island", having read her obituary in "The Times" today.

  2. Jean, if you want an entertaining book try A Gentleman in Moscow. It is delightful and easy to read in small or lengthy doses. And certainly not trash if by that you meant easy reading or entertaining stories. And even though it is set in Russia you don't have to struggle to remember the names of a large cast of characters or the variations of a single name!!!

  3. Do you have the personal trainer once a week? Do you have workouts to do in the meantime? I would like to take a few strength training classes from someone knowledgeable, my upper body strength is getting lamentable.

  4. There are lots of senior upper body routines available on youtube. Just looking right now, I see one offered by my health care provider.