Friday, February 08, 2019

I’m a bit forrad’er – I’ve started knitting the back of the Stronachlachar. I tried to reprint Page 3 of the pattern, which includes the chart. I have made so many marks on the original one, telling me where I am, that it doesn’t make much sense any more. But I failed to make the computer talk to the printer. I used to be good at technology.

I’ve reverted to the cable needle, in large part. The yarn is inclined to split, and I’ve no great objection to cable needles anyway. The look-mom-no-hands system works well enough when the travelling stitch is moving to the left, and therefore a knit stitch is hanging in front for a moment. But scooping up a purl stitch from behind is harder.

This week’s pattern from Kate Davies is a delicious striped hap in her Milarrochy tweed. I’ve still got a set of samples from last year’s club. The pattern, however, is distressingly creative. I don’t want to be creative. I’m old and tired. I want all those bright, delicious stripes spelled out for me. Kate has already done the work.

However, for the moment, I’ve got plenty to do.


I read the next section (there are four) of Cousin Phillis today. Delicious. But again, I don’t want to rush on. It’s like not eating too many chocolates at once – although I gather from the final sentence of Section Two that clouds are gathering.

So I started re-reading “In Cold Blood” which I think is one of our suggestions for this month, I read it when it was new – in the New Yorker, indeed – but I don’t think I’ve revisited it since. Pretty grim. Very skilfully done.

I thought this week’s New Yorker with the article we’ve been talking about, might turn up today, but it didn’t.

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  1. I'm still trying to track down "Cousin Phillis" on Kindle. I thought it would be in her "Complete Novels" but it wasn't.

    I've been a bit surprised by the Knitting Season patterns. They don't really say Kate Davies to me and seem to be aimed at using up a sampler pack. I was awed by Strathendrick last year, and liked the one you are knitting.