Saturday, February 09, 2019

Not much, but something.

I was prostrated by my Italian lesson, as usual. We have got on to the gerundive, which I thought would be easy-peasy. I suspect our textbook of making it harder than it really is.

And I managed a bit of knitting while watching Ireland win its rugby match against us this afternoon. Currently Wales are beating Italy, it would appear. I’ve had enough rugby for today. Tomorrow England play France in Paris – that could be a good one.

I’m keen on Kate Davies’ latest pattern, the hap shawl, because I’m keen on stripes. But if one buys it as a kit, it costs £69 – from which I deduce that the Millarochy samples which came with last year’s club, wouldn’t suffice. I could knit a hat, perhaps. For that amount, you could get the kit for the breton-striped sweater from the week (or two) before. Somehow a sweater seems more than a hap.


Shandy, I don’t have a Kindle. I read everything (except knitting books, and most cookery ones) on a Kindle app on my iPad. When I fancy a book, I go to Amazon and get it. Cousin Phillis was a particular pleasure, being free. I don’t understand why you should have trouble finding her.

I’m sorry I started “In Cold Blood”. It’s fearfully real, and artfully told. I suppose I had better finish it. But then I think I must retreat to the kitchen and resume listening to Neil MacGregor telling me about artefacts, if he’s still available.


  1. I've found it! and started reading - so far, so good. The problem was that I ordered the complete novels but it wasn't there. Instead it was in a bundle with "Cranford" some way down the list.

  2. Glad you found Cousin Phillis! I enjoyed it more than I anticipated - am still thinking about it. I started 'A room of one's own' (Woolf) but it hasn't 'grabbed' me, and there is a risk that I will abandon it. I read the review and analysis of 'In Cold Blood' and thought it seemed an interesting way of writing a novel. 'Grim' you say. Hmm.
    I've cast on a simple shawl pattern, just stocking stitch, increases and yarnover 2togs, using a zauberball I bought on holiday (I buy balls of yarn as souvenirs). It is for when I am brain-ed out, which I usually am by Friday, and need to knit but dare not do anything too special. I love the way the colours keep changing.
    If we've finished Cousin Phillis and it is only 9th Feb, what should we read next? The 'official' book is Persuasion... I read it last Summer but could read it again

  3. also, have you joined the Kate Davies knitting club?

  4. Is it In Cold Blood by Capote?
    I couldn’t finish it when I was a teenager, it frightened me so. I have avoided his work completely since with the exception of On Writing. I think that was the title. It was a memoir and it helped me understand his scary story telling.

  5. There are some finished projects on Ravelry for the Kate Davies hap now, from the test knitters. It looks like 300 g would be ample - in theory, 12 full balls - but much would depend on the striping sequence. It does look like a wonderfully easy knit, once you have a system for your stripe sequence.

  6. Unless I misunderstood Kate's recent post, she does say that the sample yarn pack is enough for the hap with enough left over for a pair of gloves. I am not a club member but those stripes are tempting!