Thursday, February 28, 2019

As usual these days, not much was done. No blocking. I went on with the Foldlines square, and this time, found that I was back in the saddle. The secret – you won’t be entirely surprised to hear this – is to stop, when something is clearly wrong, and count: count the stitches on the needle, count the squares on the chart. Tink when required. Works wonders.

I continue to have an open (=vacant) mind about the future. I haven’t ordered the yarn for Foldlines. The EYF is now fairly immanent, and Jared will be here again. (Or, at least, Brooklyn Tweed will be.) I could perhaps buy Arbor from his very hands. Money spent at the EYF marketplace doesn’t count as extravagance, either.

Meanwhile, there would be time to make a good start on a Polliwog.


Kirsten, thank you for your reply. I read Woolf’s “A Room of Your Own” last month. I’m not attracted by the Communist Manifesto – that might be a good reason for reading it. During the war, when I was growing up, Mein Kampf was available on my parents’ shelves and I don’t think I ever even opened it, although I learned a lot from other of their books.

Re-reading Alice in Wonderland is a delightful prospect. It’s here, and often dipped into, but I haven’t read it straight through for decades. And “Anne of Green Gables” – what a glorious prospect! But where is the website for the book-a-month, and why haven’t they emailed me about it?

Shandy, yes, I’ve read “Parade’s End”, and found it rather heavy going. It’s interesting that you say it improves on re-reading. Maybe I’ll try again. I’m finding “The Good Soldier” depressing to a degree I didn’t expect.


Archie came this morning to help with chores, and with sorting piles of clutter. He insisted that we did our two circuits of the Garden, although I had already been to Waitrose and thought that might count. We took a plastic bag and some scissors and harvested some wild garlic.

His cousin Alistair (James’ and Cathy’s son) has got a job with a major games programming firm, here in Edinburgh. That's today's news. It will pay him less than he is earning at the moment in his first post-degree job. But I gather being a games programmer is what young programmers aspire to, like being a premier league football player for the more athletic.


  1. As a history teacher, I felt compelled to read Mein Kampf but only managed 100 or so pages. It is horribly written, with sentences that are paragraph length. Ugh. Thank you for mentioning the books by Ford Maddox Ford. I have a couple of them in my Kindle but have not read them yet. I must tell you that "Jean's Books" list is growing my leaps and bounds! And good for Archie to keep you up to snuff with your walking!

  2. Oh go for Anne of Green Gables! I devoured the whole series last summer on my KOBO when it was offered as a package. I laughed & cried all over again as Anne grew up & really enjoyed the rest of the series I didn't know existed. Kudos to Archie for making you walk! This will only make you stronger for the EYF marketplace. 'Cause nothing makes yarn
    better than buying it right from Jared's hands!!

  3. Anne with an e? Revitalizing, in the sense of spring. And that feeling of knowing you should...stop and fix? Got it - did the same thing two evenings ago - disregarded in a false optimism that all was well. You're so right!

  4. At last I have got at the computer - one of the cats prefers to sleep on the computer chair, and as she is 15 I am reluctant to shift her when she is settled. But this means I can copy and paste the link for the books... into our blog, something I can't manage on my phone. It took me ages to find it. They don't email me either - I have no idea why. Perhaps we should just do our own thing!
    I've had an idea for March - an email Lent course that I have been following for several years, by an Anglican vicar friend-of-a-friend, is gong to be based on 'In This House Of Brede', Rumer Godden. I can give you the link to get at the Lent course if you want to give it a go. The usual format for the daily email is; Extract of book, thoughts about it, idea for action, short prayer. Previous years have used 'Lion With and Wardrobe' series, 'The Prophet' byKahil Gibran (remember that one?!?), musicals, and 'Call The Midwife'. Mixed indeed. I don't think I am seriously up for Mein Kampf or the Communist Manifesto!!!! Not now, not never.
    There is a very dodgy bit in the first inch or so of my round and round hat. As I continue on my way, I look at them and wonder if I should 'fix' them. The longer I carry on knitting and pondering, the less likely it is that I'm going back. I'll turn that bit of the hat to the back, I think. The yarn is pretty dark just there.

  5. I’m just finishing the cuff on the second sleeve of a top down sweater. I’m pretty sure this sleeve has one or two rounds more than the other one. I’ve decided to live with it. I figure no one will notice that!

    Keep up with the walking, I agree it will make EYF much more enjoyable.

    Anna in Toronto