Friday, February 15, 2019

No rugby this weekend. We can all relax. Next week, Scotland goes to Paris.

I’ve got four more rows of Stronachlachar to do, I think, before the finishing starts. But some of tomorrow’s knitting time will have to be devoted to winding the last skein.

Kirsten, no, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” doesn’t seem to be available for Kindle, at least over here. I am struggling a bit with the paperback. (=not enjoying it.) It’s not very long. I ought to be able to get through it. So far, it has nothing to do with the fondly-remembered movie (or with Tiffany’s) except that Audrey Hepburn is perfect for Holly. So maybe it will move on to the movie plot and improve.

I have also been speed-reading Fay Weldon’s “Letters to Alice”, responding to your tip, Beth. I’m afraid I’m not enjoying that very much either. Too much Fay Weldon, too much Literature, not enough Jane Austen. I have just encountered an anecdote about Winston Churchill as a writer of prose, which I am pretty sure she’s got the wrong way around. It makes me doubt some of her other sweeping statements.

My personal trainer comes on a Friday morning. We had a particularly exhausting session today. Maybe that’s why I am so grumpy.

Now, despite my hard work on gerunds earlier in the week, I’ve still got some Italian homework to do…


  1. I've finished "Cousin Phyllis" which ends rather abruptly, doesn't it? I was at least hoping for a scandalous elopement and tragedy. "North and South", now, is in a different league, although I guess there is a good deal of that pastoral description in it too.

  2. I have seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, and not surprisingly, the only thing I remember is Holly Go Lightly saying "I may be knitting a ranch house." I've got Cousin Phillis free for kindle, thanks for the tip!

  3. Stick with the trainer though. It will pay off in the long run. You'll soon be noticing a difference.

  4. I've bought the Day Weldon, and am holding back on Breakfast at T until I find a 2nd hand copy. And I've nearly chosen my next 2 knitting projects; a hat to finally master dpns, and a cuff to cuff cardigan in selfstriping yarn for my next 'mindless' make. Choosing the colourway is so hard!
    Chocolate always ungrumps me.

  5. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Hasn't anyone heard of libraries? Although if using a Kindle. it used to be arduous to borrow that way. Was disappointed in Breakfast at Tiffany's myself. The movie makers took the story, sort of, and did a much better job, I think. Or maybe it was just Audrey Hepburn's charm. Chloe

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    After I spouted off about libraries I searched for Cousin Phyllis/Phillis and couldn't find it in two nearby lIbraries although Interlibrary Loan might yield some results (I always need help from a librarian with that but found a very ancient copy of Edith Head's Dress Doctor through that, not surprisingly, in an L.A. Library.). But Breakfast at Tiffany's was not, hard to find at least in the U.S. And if I had a choice I would prefer a free copy of anything to my Kindle than make the trip to the library. So thanks Mary Lou. Did not check the Weldon. Life is intervening. Maybe later. Chloe

  7. =Tamar5:26 PM

    I enjoyed the movie when it came out but for some reason I don't remember the end at all. What I recall could have been translated into an 18th century novel fairly easily.

    Kirsten, good luck with the dpns. There is a learning curve, but I prefer them to circulars. Tip: cast on with them lying on a tabletop. Arrange the stitches so they are all in the same direction (i.e., all outwards) before joining.

    1. Thanks for the advice! Do you cast on to one needle and then divide?
      I briefly investigated 'magic loop' and found the switching around frustrating.

  8. Kirsten, I love dp needles too and also recommend pushing on, as I thought I would never get it. Regarding casting on, I cast all the stitches onto one needle and then distribute them; much easier for me. I also began with bamboo and that helped as they don't fly out of the stitches as easily as metal. Good Luck!

    Jean: when you have both language and exercise on the same day, which one is first? I hope the exercise will get your blood pumping before you need your brain for language, at least that's how I'd prefer it!