Saturday, February 02, 2019

I’ve done no knitting at all for the last two days. You haven’t missed much.

I like Kate Davies’ latest pattern for this year’s club – Breton stripes, always an appealing genre.

And I forgot to mention that Andrea let slip in the latest episode that they will be at the EYF again. I spoke briefly with them last year. This year I will be happy to slink away unobserved. My one class is Felicity Ford’s “Colours of Edinburgh”, on the Friday morning. I’ll “do” the market in the hour before the class – that’ll be enough for this year.

I have succeeded in losing – or, at least, mislaying – my diuretic pills. I’ve got the box, and the leaflet which details all those alarming possible side-effects, but no pills. Talk about Freudian. I hope my cleaning woman will be able to find them on Monday. Meanwhile, I’m afraid I don’t feel much better without them.

Thank you for all your kind and helpful suggestions. Dawn, you could be right about protein. I cook fairly industriously, at least once a day, but have slipped even in that department lately. Tamar – always to be counted on for brilliant suggestions – no, I don’t have a way of checking my blood pressure at home, and it’s a very good idea. I'll investigate. Maureen, I will certainly go to the geriatric medicine appt as soon as it is offered, and look forward to it. Perhaps unusually for my age, the only pill I regularly take is one to thin my blood, as a result of that pulmonary embolism three years ago or whenever it was.

And, Kirsten, will Penguin write to us with a short list of our reading for March? Or do we need to take more active steps? I have finished “Jacob’s Room” and it is very interesting indeed. It comes fairly early in Woolf’s career, and is certainly “modernist”. It’s not stream-of-consciousness like “Mrs Dalloway”, but it’s certainly stream-of-something. It segues from place to place and character to character like a skilful movie.

The Six Nations rugby tournament has started. (Sinking of non-rugby-loving hearts.) This first weekend was brilliant. Wales beat France in Paris, and England (distinctly the underdogs) beat Ireland decisively in Dublin. I hope Mrs May is allowing herself to enjoy that result. Both were thrilling matches. Scotland beat Italy here in Edinburgh, somewhat more pedestrian-ly.

Here is Paradox, captivated by the singing of “Flower of Scotland” before our match. An instant before, she had been standing on her hind legs for a better look. Alas, I didn't get that picture.

As you can see, not the weather one might have wished, for Groundhog Day.


  1. Hello Jean! I hope you find your pills and YES it's amazing that you only take one pill for blood thinning. You are healthy.
    Paradox is adorable.
    I wish I could go to the EYF.

  2. Check your coat pocket. Did you take the pills with you to the doctor??


  3. Do you really have Groundhog Day in Scotland? It has been reported here that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so we can expect an early spring. Given the dire and chilling reports of the polar vortex I am not sure that I trust Phil on this prediction! Paradox has cast her allegiance with Scotland it seems. My cats pay no attention to the television except for the occasional tennis match.

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    did you set the pills where cat paws might have snatched them?

  5. A very astute cat!

  6. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Vitamin D deficiency? An established cause of muscle weakness. I now take vitamin D tabs daily (for seasonal depression as much as anything else) and they are great for me. Perhaps get one of the younger relatives to look into it? I get mine from Waitrose.

    Hope you pick up soon, dear Jean. Knitting and Italian and exercises and daily life are a pretty successful Activity load for a senior citizen.

  7. Blood pressure monitors (with cuff for arm) are available at Boots the Chemist. The recommendation is to use one with that measures at upper arm rather than wrist.

    1. the docs in the US tell us much the same thing.:) Be well, dear Jean!!!

  8. just curious as to the placement of your tv... perhaps that is why you sit in the kitchen over your ipad? it would seem to be far away from your chair or sofa (from where that photo was taken?). could it be placed more centrally so you can see it more easily? just a thought.

    i am down with some flu-y bug... ugh when i have so much to do at home... hope your visits to the dr will provide some relief and insights

  9. Possibly of (non-knitting) interest is this article from The New Yorker about rutabagas.

  10. Books - I think Penguin do email - I haven't really got to grips with it! The classic suggestion for Feb is 'Persuasion' which I read towards the end of last year, which is why I subbed Elizabeth Gaskell. I'm halfway through 'Cousin Phillis' already and enjoying the placidity. I've also got 'A Room of One's Own' in my sights.
    This weather is very tiring - I'm slow at the moment, and counting the days for half term (starts Sat 14th Feb).
    I use a blood pressure monitor (upper arm) for several days and write down the figures before routine clinic appointments as the result at the hospital is always sky-high!
    when I'm normal at home.
    The children spread their germs everywhere, over the piano keyboard - grugh - It's a good job one can't catch flu or colds over the internet! I anti bac the piano keys now.