Saturday, January 04, 2020

A better day for exercise – but no Italian or paper work. And it’s not as if the hours were so full that all these things couldn’t be fitted in.

The centre of Gudrun’s hap is now down to 53 stitches. A couple more days should finish it off. So exciting!

I’ve had a new thought about the Spring Shawl, although I’m no nearer finding it. What if my cleaner put it somewhere? Like all good cleaners – especially if they operate in a house as untidy as this one – she sometimes Puts Things Away. She’s also a brilliant finder. When I first missed the Spring Shawl, I thought all I had to do was wait until Monday when Michaela would be here again.

No luck. She, too, thinks she remembers the shawl on top of that chest, where I thought it was. But it’s just possible that she tidied it somewhere and has forgotten. But where? I’ll pursue that thought for a while.

Current Affairs

I think Qassem Suleimoni looked like George Clooney. Greek Helen agrees, but none of the news stories mention the resemblance, so maybe not.

It is disconcerting to discover how accurately a drone can pick one off, if it wants to; and how accurate the intelligence was in this case, instead of picking off a blameless Baghdad couple as they were driving home from the airport. I fear Mr Trump (and all of us) will soon reap the whirlwind.


  1. I hope the entire planet isn't reaping the whirlwind of a man who made impetuous decisions against the recommendations of the military leadership. Knitting more intently...

  2. It’s extremely frightening. The NYT has an article today saying that the PENTAGON is stunned. The top leaders there were not consulted and they are not happy. As am I. I fear this man wants to start WW III as a way to win the election. He is dilution all and a megalomaniac. Of course the real reason is likely because Congress returns Tuesday and he did this to distract from the Impeachment proceedings.

    Between DJT and climate change our world is going to hell in a hand basket

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  4. It is beyond frightening. Beyond that, no comment.:(