Sunday, January 26, 2020

I’ve finished (knitting) the Hansel  shawl, and have joined the ends of the edging. I thought I took a picture of it, but apparently not, and it’s too late, light-wise, now. Tomorrow I’ll hope to dispose of the ends, and perhaps on Tuesday face up to blocking.

It measures 32” across, spread out fairly casually on the floor. Shandy says that Ravelry says that it should be 54 ¾”. I don’t think I’ll achieve that, but maybe somewhere in the region of 45”. Gudrun points out in the relevant section of the Craftsy class that garter stitch has lots of yarn in it, and can be blocked severely.

I think the spare room bed will do – but it’s low. I’d have to kneel, I think.  I might be more comfortable crawling.

My niece C. takes me to Mass on Sunday mornings. Today she said that she would like to knit something for this baby. She will be its grandmother. She used to knit, but has disposed of needles and stash, Marie-Kondo-fashion. So when we got back, I gave her “Drop Dead Easy Knits” (on loan) with a recommendation to try MLE’s “Polliwog” pattern. Here we are conferring about it:

My hair is awfully wild.


Mrs Sacoolas is back near the top of our news. There has been a formal request for her extradition. There are precedents, apparently. Mr. Pompeo turned it down personally.

Some progress with the Finzi Contini’s, although nothing has happened. It seems rather long.

We were in Beijing for the Sars crisis. Fortunately, the government wasn’t nearly as efficient that time. Tourist attractions (Forbidden City and Great Wall among them) weren’t closed, just empty. Wonderful!


  1. If I have cause to kneel for any length of time (blocking knitting or, occasionally, scrubbing a floor) I wear knee pads sold for gardening. Your niece looks far too young to be a grandmother.

  2. I’m honored, plus your sweater looks that a Brooklyn Tweed you did in MasTosh?

  3. When my husband and I camp it is my job to chock the wheels, after the first season I ordered a kneeling pad which made things much more comfortable. They were on Amazon, and were not expensive. After the first one I ordered 2 more, one for home and one for the truck. Such a difference!

  4. Your hair is first rate:)! It still surprises me how grandparents seem to get younger every year:)!

  5. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Congrats on finishing the hap. Can't wait to see it blocked.

    I knit the Polliwog for my great-grandnephew last year. Easy and cute. Good choice for your niece to knit for your great-grandperson!

    Beverly in NJ