Tuesday, January 28, 2020


It measures only 42-43” side-to-side, but it’ll do. And it beat the baby. If I ever finish the poor Spring Shawl, it’ll need something more advanced for blocking, but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

And I’ve got the Dathan back in hand. One of the sections marked out as 50 stitches proved to contain only 48. I suspect both were dropped, although I can find only one of them. One of the very useful skills I have never mastered in a long life, is picking up and restoring dropped garter stitches, if they come from more than two rows back. I know the theory. I’ve got one of those two-headed crochet hooks. But I can’t do it.

The other useful thing I can’t do is spit-splicing.

So I will simply replace the missing stitches, and at the end, secure the dropped one. I’ve marked it with a safety pin. And look around again for the other one.


KayT, you’re right, the sweater I am wearing in a recent snap is called Kirigami. The word is related to “origami” and means, I think, a paper construction of a similar sort but you are allowed to cut the paper. I’ve had a certain amount of moth trouble this winter, but they skipped that one.

And Gretchen, you are also right. I neglected to mention yesterday that the scarf I am hesitating over, called “Gilda”, was designed by Veronik Avery and is offered by Brooklyn Tweed. Carol said in her note to me that it is not entirely easy to keep track of where you are, but otherwise a delightful knit.


Clouds continue to darken over the garden of the Finzi-Contini’s. I am accumulating other things I want to read, but I think it would be more prudent to finish this first.


Here’s your Tuesday avocado picture – not looking well. Someone suggested standing it on pebbles. I don’t have any pebbles, so I have balanced it on some broken shards from a flower pot. The idea is to keep it hydrated.


  1. Ta da! Hap looking very good. Fixing garter stitch - grrrr - my big problem recently, trying to get out the first of three little Milo vests for one of the four babies born in my family this past year.

  2. Shawl - lovely.
    Avocado - it still doesn't look too good, but I don't think it is looking any worse.

  3. The Hap is beautiful! What a lucky little baby:)!

  4. Jean, I've always use Bounce dryer sheets to stop moths from making holes in my rug wool. I hook rugs and love to knit. It might be worth a try.

  5. From halfway around the world, I think the avocado looks better than it did in the past couple weeks -- I think you are on the right track.

    The hap is beautiful, and I especially like the blue border -- lovely.

    I put a soaking wet gansey on the jumper board on Sunday night. I checked this morning, and it is dry except for the bottom of the ribbing, which is damp. So, that's how long it takes to dry a really wet sweater . . . I still think it's a great investment!

  6. The hap looks great - jolly, but with so much thought going into the choice of colours.
    I'm currently reading Dorothy L Sayers. I think I must have got stuck on "Gaudy Night " at some point in the past but I'm really enjoying the early Wimseys now. Not only was she a Somervillian, but she lived at Witham, which is less than ten miles from here. Apparently the local library has a Sayers collection which I must investigate.

  7. The hap looks lovely and perfect size for a baby. My sister liked the smaller blankets so they could be used in a carriage or dragged around later without tripping.

  8. How gorgeous! Blessed baby!
    Well done, Jean!

  9. =Tamar10:59 PM

    It looks very handsome stretched out like that. The distinctive blue scallops will make it easy to find the edge, a factor I have found more significant than one might think.

  10. Huzzah for your finished hap - it looks lovely! I think that's a very nice size for a baby blanket, and I'll be surprised if mine comes out anywhere near the size the pattern suggests. I read an estimate of 625 yards for the center section, and even though I've been trying to knit loosely, I'm at the pick-up-stitches point and am only into my third 188-yd skein! I'm not worried about size, but I am struggling to find 4 of the edge stitches needing to be picked up. Going to wait for daylight and look again...they must be there somewhere!

  11. Great hap. You knit that very quickly.
    I gave up on War and Peace and am starting Last Boat From Shanghai. I love mysteries and nonfiction. I’m finishing up listening to Bill Bryson’s An Unexpected Country (title may be similar). He reads it and I find him quite funny. I also loved his A Walk in the Woods, some others...not so much.
    I like audio books so I can knit or crochet at the same time.
    People say I knit fast, but, actually, I spend lots of time knitting and listening. I find keeping a house spotless a useless aspiration and quite overrated.