Saturday, January 25, 2020

Three more scallops to do, and the edging of Gudrun’s hap shawl will be finished. Tomorrow should see it done. I must have another look at the Craftsy class for the finishing-finishing, although I think I could probably figure it out for myself.

Thanks for the numbers, Shandy. I’ll nerve myself to measure tomorrow.

You’re right about the hypotenuse, of course, Moorecat, but if the shawl is orientated that way, only corners hang over the edge of the bed, instead of whole sides. Maybe the corners could be pinned to the sides of the mattress? Anyway, we’ll see.

I am much enjoying thinking about what-next. Finishing the 2nd Dathan is near but by no means on-the-doorstep. I’ve got time for thinking. Jared has an interesting scarf called Gilda. But what’s the use of a stash if you never knit it? I think starting again with the Spring Shawl is probably the best plan, but even if so, I might want something to alternate with it.

Cam (comment Thursday) I don’t think anyone except MLE and Jacqueline Fee (author of the Sweater Workshop) knows what a Japanese yarn cocoon is. I promise to tell you as soon as my copy of the book arrives. I might even knit it, if it’s knittable. I had hoped the book might arrive today, but it didn’t. It’s billed to arrive sometime between today and Tuesday, not directly from Amazon. Patience!

(I get irritating ads all the time along the side of the computer screen about things I might want to watch on YouTube. Sometimes I fall for them. This evening I had one suggesting a how-to-take-care-of-your-cat in Italian. Clever YouTube!)


I’m moving gently forward with the Finzi-Continis. I have reached the winter of 1938-39. I wonder if I read to the end, all those years ago. So far, nothing much has happened. Everybody has been playing tennis in the Finzi-Continis’ garden (they’re very rich) because they were thrown out of the town tennis club because of the Racial Laws. I remember the tennis, but nothing more.


  1. The Japanese Yarn Cocoon is a way of winding yarn. I did post a video of it in an ancient blog post. Ms. Fee even commented! I saw the movie of the Finzi Continis, but remember very little, except it was long. I may see if it is around. I watch Seven Days in May, 1963 with Burt Lancaster. Eerily current.

    1. There are also those strangely shaped garments with huge sleeves aren't there?

    2. Thank you! I think I'll stick with my nostepinne, though.

  2. Perhaps you could get your cleaner to move the little table and push the two singles together? That would give you more flat surface to work on.