Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The weather has turned ugly, lowering the mood.

I’m settling nicely back in to the Dathan – and I found the other dropped stitch. After a serious stitch count, I have started writing down what the count ought to be as I finish each long, long row. (Each right-side row adds four stitches, but the wrong-side rows alternate between two and none.)  I’ll do another real count at the end, to finish it off. 500 stitches have been corralled with markers. That leaves some free-range stitches at either end, and in the middle next to the central spine. I keep counting them, as they must balance each other.

Andrew and Andrea are back from New York, and today’s episode was devoted to Vogue Knitting Live. Goodness gracious me. I am now so old that I didn’t even want to be there. Too big, too noisy. Alas for the EYF, yet again. (There’s a note on their website to say that there will be an EYF in 2021. But will I last that long?)

Fee’s “Sweater Workshop” hasn’t turned up, despite being promised for Tuesday. I allowed myself to buy a book called “Lace Knitting” by Helen James. (How could I resist an author so named? I occasionally employ a plumber named James Alexander, on the same principal.) It’s a perfectly good, well-produced and workmanlike book, but I don’t think there’s anything there that I don’t have in some other book already on the premises.


The Garden of the Finzi-Contini grows ever darker, and I have managed to restrain myself from starting anything else.

The newspapers are beginning to suggest an equivalence between Prince Andrew and Mrs Sakoolas. You read it here first.


  1. Your final remark - I may have read it here first, but I had already thought it. There would be a suitable equivalence there, but how do we rate the chances of him doing the right thing?

  2. I met Andrew there:)!!! He was ever so kind. The DH and I were in the hotel lobby, having coffees and waiting to go to lunch and then the train home - it was the Monday after VKLive. I spotted Andrew and Andrea in the lobby about 100 feet away and he could see that I recognized him. I wasn't about to disturb them - after such a long weekend, I didn't want to invade their time and their privace, but he walked over to us! We had a very pleasant chat. He was as nice in person as he appears to be on the podcast. It was clear to me that he was defending Andrea's time on the laptop. I teased my husband that "this gentleman can KNIT!" I got smiles from both of them. It was a very pleasant encounter with a true gentleman. When I watched the podcast last night, I got the sense that he really enjoys coming to the States. Well we love having them:)!

  3. I took a weekend of knitting classes a year ago. Our instructor traveled to Louisiana on his way home from VKLive. In the course of the classes he remarked that we got the concepts he was teaching so much more than the folks in his VKLive classes. Seems they only got about half-way through the material. Evidently we provided him a much calmer experience.