Thursday, January 30, 2020

FuguesStateKnits: When I started reading your comment yesterday, I thought you were talking about the Duke of York. It took more than a few split seconds before I had the message straightened out. What a lovely story! I met Andrew and Andrea when they were holding court for fans at the EYF in 2018. They are every bit as nice as they look.

Barbara-Kay, it’s nice to hear your teacher’s confirmation of my impression that Vogue Knitting Live! might be a bit too much. I wonder what Franklin thought of it. How I miss the Panopticon! I follow him conscientiously on Facebook, but it's not the same. And anyway he wouldn't say anything that might sound critical of Vogue, in any medium. I’m a trifle worried that he, like Kate Davies, seems to be drifting away into weaving.

It’s been another grey and windy day here, but not terribly cold and the light is coming back. Lest we begin to think that global warming has abolished winter everywhere, take a look at what the Socklady is currently experiencing.

I’ve had an idle day, but I had my outing. I did the equivalent of hunkering down with a box set – watching a recent television series about Jeremy Bamber. It’s an interesting case, which I vaguely remember in real life, and the ITV series is well done. And while I watched, I knit the Dathan – perfect television knitting. I have only about 10 long, long rows to go.

And I thought about What Next? If I am to go back to fine lace knitting for future family brides, I don’t necessarily have to go back to the Spring Shawl. I could continue to wait for the original to turn up, and meanwhile knit something else. I’m looking through books, and thinking. The finishing of the Dathan is sufficiently time-consuming that I don’t need to decide until I reach it.

And the Sweater Workshop finally turned up. It’s wonderful, and I’m sure I’ve never seen it before. (As far as memory can be trusted.) It’s supposed to be read straight through, and I’m more or less doing that. Fee is a passionate disciple of EZ – as are we all.


  1. Anonymous1:16 AM

    It's been down to -35 this winter, last winter we had a couple of days at -45 bearing in mind that -40 is where F and C meet.
    All my cats are indoor cats and our barn is heated so my pet goats stay nice and warm!
    Not a knitting comment, sorry about that!
    Jenny xxx

  2. Hi Jean, I just completed the Annisa Wrap and pass it along as a suggestion for something interesting, yet easy. I made it with a silk merino blend so it has drape and feels lovely wrapped around my neck under my coat. Pretty enough to keep wrapped when coat is off to fend off cold drafts.

    We are having a mild winter in Ann Arbor, Mi - welcome after two bitterly cold and snowy ones.

    Thank you for blogging. I remain a faithful follower.

  3. THis time last year it was nearly 100 degrees colder in Minnesota, the Polar Vortex winter. We’ve been milder and had a bit more snow, I’ll take it. I’ve been eyeing those Kaffe Fasset patterns over at Mason Dixon Knitting. I have a pile of appropriate leftovers and it would be such fun to dive in to something like that. As soon as I finish my last deadline design project...

  4. Where did you get your Sweater Workshop from? I looked for it in our local library but it is not even in their catalogue! So they have passed the request on to see if they are prepared to buy it.
    I have knitted two baby surprise jackets, one for my own son when he was a baby using the pattern published back in 19?80 something? in a Sunday Magazine - Times or Telegraph. How I wish wish wish I'd kept it.