Thursday, January 02, 2020

Onwards, I guess. The stitch count for the centre of Gudrun’s hap is now somewhere in the 80’s, and the rows undoubtedly go faster. The fourth ball of yarn has been joined in, and should be enough to finish the central square. I don’t think I’ve assigned the square enough points in the sidebar – that just means that things will go faster over there later on.

My dear friend G. came round today and persuaded me – without much difficulty -- to buy a new iPad. Archie went up to John Lewis and procured it. The old one is in a semi-usable state. I can give it to someone willing to bear the expense of a new screen. It must be about 4 ½ years old. We’ve got everything transferred to the new iPad. Some things, especially the Kindle app,  feel rather odd, but I’ll get used to it.

Thank you for your help with the Spring Shawl. Jenny, no, I didn’t take the shawl out of the house to show Maureen. She came here. Stella, I had your idea only today, about the drawers of that chest. But again, no. The drawers are empty – my husband fretted about whether the chest was strong enough for the weight of clutter I was consigning to it, and everything has been moved elsewhere.

I hadn’t thought the matter serious enough for St Anthony, but I’m beginning to wonder. He found our dear cat once, whom we had lost in Blairgowrie on a cold winter’s night. Long story. Helen and I went back to Blairgowrie the next morning in the dark  (Kirkmichael is about 12 miles away) – and renewed the search. Helen found her, in the Bank of Scotland car park. Her cry of joy still rings in my ears. The next night it snowed and snowed and snowed – it would have been impossible to drive those 12 miles.

We put an ad in the next issue of the Blairgowrie Advertiser – Grateful thanks to St Anthony for finding our beloved cat.

Deprived of my Kindle for the moment, I started re-reading “Emma”, my least-favourite Austen. There are some good bits, though.


  1. My grandmother always prayed to st Anthony for help with lost things. I'm so glad he helped with the cat. Here's hoping for the Spring Shawl. It's continued disapperance is very frustrating.
    I agree totally about Emma, having read it once I can't bring myself to read it again.

  2. Funny you mention Emma. Don't know if you've ever heard of the podcaster, Gemma DW, aka, Cogknitive (she's a former English Professor, currently a psychologist who knits, spins and a host of other things. Dr. Gemma has stopped podcasting and is on Instagram from time to time with live broadcasts. Today she was discussing the strategy for the New Year that many people have of taking a word for their theme of the year. Anyway, she mentioned having spent the holidays reading, one of the books being Emma, also her least favorite Austen work," except the unfinished ones." (My word for the year was "Impeach" however a pipe dream it may be.)
    Happy New Year to you, Jean. and all you hold dear. All the best in the new "Roaring Twenties!"
    Joan a/k/a FugueStateKnits

  3. Left off the second parenthesis. Bad habit of mine. Sorry.

  4. Did you take the drawers out and look behind them? I lost a sweater that way and only found it when we were moving and took all the drawers out; it was behind the bottom drawer (and partially UNDER the drawer).

  5. We used to say my grandmother had a hotline to St.Anthony, no item too small. Perhaps Archie can help pull out drawers and move the piece. Wedged under and behind sofa cushions?