Sunday, January 12, 2020

More progress on Gudrun’s hap. I have nearly finished the borders, and should be ready for the edging tomorrow if the yarn turns up. The borders end with four rounds of Main Colour. That’s what I’m doing now. I’m not entirely happy with the way they will separate the border colours from the blue edging. If I had thought this through from the beginning, I could have put the extra four rounds of Main Colour at the beginning of the borders, and done the decrease round in the final gold stripe.

Too late now.

I must now re-watch the bit of the Craftsy class in which the borders are finished and the edging commenced.


Thank you, Marilyn. I have covered the compost in the avocado tree pot with foil, and Perdita has lost all interest in the sitting room. She is purring as she sits beside the computer this evening. She never purrs. I hope she’s not ill.

I am having a dry January (not a vegan one, thank you) in the hopes of being restored to youth and vigour. There is not much sign of that, so far, but I did get out for a walk around the gardens by myself today. I usually only attempt it when I have a companion. Our eucalyptus tree has blown down. It was fine when I was there on Thursday with my Personal Trainer. I am sorry to see it go, not least because it was the only tree I could identify with certainty.

“The Three Clerks” is going well, in the sense that things are going from bad to worse for nearly all the characters. Undecimus Scott -- who is leading one of them astray -- is wonderfully like a lawyer we once had who wound up in gaol.


  1. I'm impressed you got out for a turn around the gardens, as they would have said in Jane Austen's time. We nearly went for a walk (it wouldn't have been far) but although the sunshine said 'go' the heavy black clouds said 'stay'. I pottered about and finished maybe the last granny square for a blanket; each square is about 10 inches and I can't decide between 5x3 squares plus border or 5x4. I suspect 5x3 might be mean..
    I can't wait to see the hap!

  2. Is it possibly the case that Paradox doesn't come around when Perdita is with you and the computer? And that Perdita is being glad to have you all to herself? Or is it that the computer is warm? Anyway I bet you enjoy her company. (In my experience, sick cats generally go and hide.)

  3. Hi Jean, I don't know how large the eucalyptus is but if the soil is wet enough for it to tip over it is wet enough for it to be stood back up, braced, and potentially live... if done ASAP!

  4. Hello, Jean - I am visiting your blog for the first time, as reader kayT mentioned on my blog yesterday that she has been following your Hansel project. Mine was just cast on yesterday, so I will read back through your posts and will appreciate any tips I find through your experience with this pattern :)

  5. =Tamar4:14 PM

    I too am impressed that you got out for a turn around the garden. That's far more than I do lately. Still, the doldrums seem to be receding slightly.
    You have my sympathy on the color issue with the hap. It will do its job, though.