Monday, January 06, 2020

The central square of Gudrun’s hap is finished, and the loops along the edge of it picked up. That wasn’t quite as easy as I expected, and the stitch count isn’t perfect. The excitement should be enough to ensure that I at least knit the first round this evening, and establish the count.

I’ve been getting messages from Kate Davies about her new mitten book. I suppose it was inevitable, after haps and hats. I’m not keen on mitten-knitting; if I were, I think there would be much of interest there. Maybe I should console myself by adding her beginners’-sweater book to my shelves. I have scorned it because of not being a beginner– but that doesn’t mean the sweaters aren’t interesting. I’ll have another look.

Andrew and Andrea tomorrow, do you think? That would really mean that 2020 is underway.


Rachel rang up today to enquire after the avocado tree. She and (especially) her husband Ed provided the willing hands for the re-potting. I told her I thought there was hope, and that she would have to wait until tomorrow for a photograph.

I’ve finished “Emma”. Rachel also said that she saw a trailer for the forthcoming movie and it looked promising. Mr Elton, incredibly, is played by the actor who is Prince Charles in the most recent series of “The Crown”. I’ve seen a picture of him with Mrs Elton, and I agree, it looks promising. But can they get Mr, Knightley right? And Mr Woodhouse, indeed?

There was one of those colloquial Epiphanies in a column in the Times this morning. It never rains but it pours.

This morning I made a list of the things I must do, and I haven’t done any of them. Archie came, and we made an essential supermarket run (we were low on cat food) and restored some order to the kitchen and I sent him up the hill with a cheque to pay in, so the day wasn’t entirely wasted.


  1. Isn't it strange how panic ensues if you get low on cat food, but you can manage to forage around in the back of the pantry and fridge for yourself?

  2. =Tamar12:12 AM

    I wonder if they will do right by Miss Bates, who, as someone pointed out somewhere online, is always right, and generally ignored. A true Cassandra. I wonder if other Greek or Trojan elements could be found in the story.

  3. Great progress on the hap. Mr. Knightley - hard to beat Mark Strong, one of my favourite actors, in the 1996 TV movie. I like Jeremy Northam too but he just didn't seem right for Mr. Knightley in the Gwyneth Paltrow movie, although Juliet Stevenson, another fave, was a good Mrs. Eton.

  4. I just saw a preview for a miniseries called Sanditon, based on Austen's last unfinished novel. I'd never heard of the book before this. It will be on PBS here in the US next month, I think.

  5. Why do I love Emma even though I don't really like any of the characters? I must mention Clueless here, a modern US adaptation, which works strangely well.
    I understand the thing about the cat food! It must mean that after a lifetime of being a dog person I am on the road to becoming a cat person, thanks to a little feral we've been looking after.