Tuesday, September 01, 2020


Back in the world which few of us can remember, Alexander used to come over (from Glasgow) to see me most weeks. I suppose I last saw him in February. Today I had an email from him, proposing to come tomorrow. I feel much as Noah must have felt, when that bird came back with a twig in its mouth.


And the knitting of the EPS has, as hoped, progressed to the wonderful moment when sleeves and body are joined, and yoke commenced. I’m using the four articles Meg wrote for Knitters Magazine at the turn of the millennium, but consulting from time to time the ur-text, Knitting Without Tears.


And here they part company rather dramatically. EZ would have us knit five inches straight and then decrease brutally – her word – with a k1,k2tog round. Followed, at intervals, by two or three more. Whereas Meg prefers a gentler decrease, 2 stitches at each of the four raglan points, every other round. Which is what I will do. In both cases we're aiming at about 10" for the depth of the yoke. Fingers crossed.

But first I am enjoined to add two short rows, to raise the back a bit. Since the sweater in the magazine is knit in DK, with many fewer stitches than I’ve got, maybe three short rows would be better? I’ve got a little while for thinking, since there are a prodigious number of stitches on the needle.


Also, I must think about the yoke. The idea all along has been to repeat the gradient stripes which occur at the beginning of both body and sleeves, just above the ribbing. Now I suddenly wonder whether it might be better to omit them this time. I can put the question to Alexander, a man of taste.

It is time I solved the photography problem.




I progress well with “Incarnations”. In fact, I’ve reached Indira Ghandi. It’s interesting how popular the book suddenly seems to be. Is Amazon pushing it? I will ask Alexander what he has read about Indian history. I can’t believe that he has entirely neglected the subject, with an Indian wife and having lived there (in Mumbai) for several years.


Shandy, yes, I re-read “A Suitable Boy” in its entirety, however tempted to skip the politics. But you must bear in mind that I don’t do much of anything else. You’ll have noticed how little, even, I knit these days. But I do huddle over the kitchen table, reading books.


  1. I think Eliz is doing a circular yoke, and Meg a Raglan. If you are doing a raglan, i'd go with a few plain rounds then begin the decreasing at 4 points, 8 sts decreased every other round. If it begins to look as though it is getting too small too fast, you can do every 3rd round.

  2. I, too, am doing an EPS sweater with raglan decreases and it always fits well. I am using Jamieson and Smith jumper weight which always knits up to the same tension time after time. It is a great comfort.

  3. I believe that Mary Lou is correct, Meg is knitting a raglan, Elizabeth circular so you need to choose!
    Also, I think you need the short rows to add up to close to an inch for the back of neck rise. Otherwise the front of the collar will nudge the front of the neck most uncomfortably.
    Voice of experience....

  4. =Tamar6:03 PM

    I second the inch-or-more rise at the back of the neck.

  5. Jean - you had me at ur-text. Completely made my day. many thanks.