Saturday, May 15, 2021


Archie just phoned to say that Helen has tripped over something, running for the telephone, and cut her leg badly. She drove herself to hospital, where he thinks she’ll probably stay tonight. Oh, dear, indeed. She had on a particularly nice pair of brand new trousers when I saw her this morning, too. 2203 steps.


No knitting, but I am sufficiently agitated by this news that I’ll probably be able to get back into the sitting room this evening and finish off that toe. Then what? The problem of cruise-knitting remains unsolved. I have a sort of hankering for a Kate Davies yoke sweater kit, which would be ridiculous given the amount of stash to hand. Yoke sweaters are awfully peaceful. Anna, I do agree about missing KD’s one-time homely blogs.


C. and I have had our boarding instructions and luggage labels from the Majestic Line. Masks will have to be worn on board, which is bad news. I find them claustrophobic and – despite your help with the problem – my spectacles steam up. I’ll have to solve that one by not wearing them all the time, and will have to try very hard not to lose them.


This is alarming news about the red warning on my blog. Thank you for telling me, Jenny, although I can’t imagine what I could do about it. Blogger has never mentioned a problem to me. I wonder if I provided an unsafe link at some point?


  1. Poor Helen. It must be a very bad cut indeed.

  2. =Tamar7:46 PM

    Some programs flag any site that doesn't happen to match their preferred way of setting up a site.
    Your site come up as "http:" on my system. Most sites are now "https:" and I suspect that is what caused the flagging.

  3. Bad indeed if Helen is being kept in hospital. Best wishes for quick and complete healing.

  4. Feeling sorry for Helen. A fall at any age is unsettling, but to sustain a cut bad enough for a hospital stay is serious.

    I am also trying to figure out some airplane knitting for a trip to the west coast. The first travel since the US shut down last March. I have yarn for a very cute jumper for my daughter. I have to get her approval before embarking on the knit. I just completed the same one for my granddaughter but does my daughter want to match her child? I doubt it.
    Still enjoying reading May Sarton thanks to the mention here.

  5. I didn't get it today Jean. Let's hope it was a one time thing.

  6. Oh goodness, I hope Helen is home and resting soon. I got the red warning the other day, but that happens from time to time with other websites. I quit and reopened and all was fine.

  7. Prayers for Helen, hope she recovers quickly.
    How about trad fair isle caps as travel knitting ready for Christmas presents?

  8. I do feel for Helen. I narrowly avoided a night in hospital this week after an episode of atrial fibrillation. It was quite bad enough to be there during the day.
    I have to say that one has to admire Kate Davies' marketing skills. Who wouldn't want to join a club like that? But does one need more sock patterns? Probably not. As for cruise knitting - take two projects: a plain sock to knit on while distracted and something else like a cowl or hap to occupy you while the others are out scrambling over rocks.

  9. Anonymous10:10 AM

    So sorry about Helen, Jean. A fall is traumatic enough even without it requiring a trip to the hospital. Hope both she And her trousers recover completely! I find those lightweight generic masks you can buy by the box to be the least intrusive over a long period. Or you can bring some different ones and make a little fashion show out of it. It's amazing what people come up with.
    Eileen, thank you for the confirmation. You lived in a beautiful and interesting place, didn't you? Chloe

  10. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Hope Helen is recovering well! and did not need to stay in the hospital long.
    Lisa RR