Sunday, May 09, 2021


C. and I got twice around the garden this morning. 3270 steps already! The weather (as often in Edinburgh) was dryer and brighter than forecast. And – oh, bliss! – warmer than it’s been recently. The cherry trees are shedding their petals. The garden changes every day, this time of year. I must harvest some more wild garlic while it’s still here.


I had a good time sock-knitting to the Andrew Marr show this morning. I feel sure there’s a sock-size page in my ancient Lotus Organizer, but I can’t find it, although there’s lots of interesting information about knitting in there. I’ll have to wing it. This is a second sock I’m knitting. I can count the rows from heel gusset to toe shaping on the first sock. Should be do-able.


It was wee Hamish’s birthday yesterday. I sent him an interesting bottle of a chilli sauce from Zimbabwe called Dr. Trouble. I read about it in the Times last week, and promptly ordered. And it promptly came. It’s delicious. It’s made by assembling the ingredients (no artificials) and putting the mixture into big glass containers and leaving them out in the African sun for two months, turning frequently. The bottle was really for Hamish’s father Manaba, who is a serious amateur cook.




I’ve been hesitating over the Italian thrillers in my Kindle library – Lucarelli, Carofiglio, Camillieri (who wrote about Inspector Montalbano). I ought probably to choose something more serious. I’m looking forward to tonight’s television adaptation of Mitford’s “Pursuit of Love”. I don’t watch much television these days. I’m uneasy about the publicity pictures I’ve seen. But I’ve got to try.

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  1. Have you tried Jhumpa Lahiri's Italian work? She's an American author who moved to Italy to learn Italian and has now published in Italian.